Tofuture Oy

Tofuture Oy

Tofuture Oy is a Finnish company dedicated to creating business value by combining knowledge and technology. We have more than 20 years of experience in delivering sustainability management software solutions to our customers. Our strong references are based on leading Nordic companies including more than 20 globally operating enterprises. Tofuture is a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Community Member, a GRI Certified Training Partner for Finland and a signatory of UN Global Compact.

Company details

Ludviginkatu 6 , Helsinki , FI-00130 Finland
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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

We are a registered Community Member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and support the mission of the GRI to develop globally accepted sustainability reporting guidelines through a global, multi-stakeholder process.

Our work is driven by one goal: helping our clients create value out of sustainability. Our solid experience and track record shows that no matter the issue, together we turn challenges into opportunities.

We are always looking for partners and partnerships to broaden our services and scopes to offer the best possible solution for our customers.

Tofuture in a nutshell
  • Tofuture CSM improves Sustainability Data Management and Reporting

  • 20+ years of experience in delivering solutions for sustainability management and non-financial reporting to leading Nordic companies

  • Tofuture Oy is a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Community Member and Certified Training Partner for Finland

  • CSM solution’s GRI Standards content is certified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) organization, supports GHG Protocol, CDP and several other standards

  • Sustainability Management with Tofuture CSM creates business value by combining knowledge and technology

  • CSM has strong reference base and our sustainability reporting solution is used in more than 80 countries

Understanding how sustainability performance impacts the business is important – being able to manage it as accurately as the financial performance is vital. Tofuture’s Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) software enables companies to meet their sustainability goals by making sustainability management part of everyday operations Easily, Efficiently and Accurately.

CSM content is G4 Certified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) organization. Besides the standardized content CSM allows users the freedom in configuring and measuring virtually any KPI. CSM Intuitive reporting features enable visual comparison between all entities and indicators in the system as well as sharing of best practice reports between different users.

CSM is a Software as Service (SaaS) wich enables fast and low costImplementation Process and Care Free and Scalable continuous use.

CSM is currently Used by a number of Nordic market leaders.Companies from many different sectors use CSM in their global operations. Read more about the CSM success stories.

Sustainability covers a broad area from environmental scientific disciplines to social sciences, politics and even philosophy. Sustainability is about balancing natural systems by bridging science with the technology of the future. Our challange is to end poverty and hunger, increase social equality and education while keeping economic growth and environmental resource consumption on a sustainable level.

“In 2005, the World Summit on Social Development identified three core areas that contribute to the philosophy and social science of sustainable development. These “pillars” in many national standards and certification schemes, form the backbone of tackling the core areas that the world now faces.” (Source:

The three pillars of sustainability are:

  • Economic Development
  • Social Development
  • Environmental Protection