Tramfloc, Inc.

Tramfloc, Inc. Industrial and Mining Chemicals for Wastewater Treatment | We also provide polymer feeding systems, emulsion breakers, super absorbent polymers, metal remediation, dechlorination and defoaming chemicals.

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6046 FM 2920 Rd. #615 , Spring , Texas 77379=2542 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Chemical Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

The Tramfloc Mining Chemical products line includes flocculants for thickening tailings, dewatering agents for concentrates of both precious and base metal, defoaming reagents for filter plants and mine outfalls as well as systems to feed and control reagent addition.

The firm's markets include: industrial, food processing, mining, automotive, dairy, refining, utility, water treatment plants, IC, aerospace, wastewater treatment plants, pulp & paper, metal finishing, sugar mills and the CPI.

Tramfloc offers chemicals such as NSF approved polymers for drinking water clarification, sludge dewatering, liquid/solids separation in a wide variety of industries, activated carbon for organics' removal, NSF approved corrosion and scale inhibitors for potable water, bromine tablets, chlorine dioxide, chemicals to control plant growth in ponds, facultative bacteria and enzymes to reduce BOD and grease in lift stations and wastewater plants. The company handles ozone and ultraviolet light projects for special disinfection applications.

The sales engineers of Tramfloc average over 30 years of water treating experience and stand ready to help managers and owners to reduce costs and improve operating efficiency.

Tramfloc can reduce your costs by finding more cost effective treatment modalities for your water plant, sewage, industrial wastewater, well or mining operation.

Municipal Water Operations

  • Reduce alum usage with lower cost Tramfloc NSF approved inorganic coagulants and organic flocculants.
  • Reduce turbidity with Tramfloc designed filter beds and replacement media.
  • Remove organics, DBP's and THM's with 'TRACKS' Tramfloc Registered Activated Carbon Kinetics Systems and Tramfloc chlorine dioxide systems manufactured by DuPont.
  • Remove specific ion contaminants such as nitrate and arsenic with 'TIERS' Tramfloc Ion Exchange Removal Systems.
  • Eliminate hazards by replacing gaseous chlorine with 'THOGS' Tramfloc Hypochlorite Onsite Generating Systems or 'TOCTABS' Tramfloc Onsite Chlorine TABlet Feeding Systems.

Municipal Wastewater Operations

  • Reduce disposal costs with special polymers used in 'TTADS' Tramfloc Thickening and Dewatering Systems which can eliminate ferric chloride and lime, while producing a drier cake at much lower operating costs.
  • Small towns and sanitation districts can install dewatering equipment especially designed for communities of under 10,000 or 20,000 inhabitants without massive outlays for filter presses. Completely eliminate hauling fees for less investment than ever before possible. Save sixty (60%) to eighty (80%) percent.
  • Stop odors, reduce TSS and BOD with 'TEBS' Tramfloc Enzymatic Bacteria Systems which naturally biodegrade waste and holding pond solids.

Well Water Systems

  • Safely disinfect your supply with gaseous, on site generated liquid or tablet chlorine. Or use ozone. Use 'THOGS' or 'TOCTABS'
  • Remove contaminants with reverse osmosis or ion exchange. Use 'TIERS'.
  • Stop profit robbing red water, manganese staining and hardness deposit fouling with 'TREPS' Tramfloc Really Effective Phosphate Systems.
  • Reduce chlorination costs by tracking usage with Scaletron scales.
  • Remove TSS with Tramfloc 'TUMOFS' Tramfloc Uptime Maximizing Operational Filter Systems. Our unique designs are space conserving, trap down to 1 micron and are much less costly than our competition.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

  • Reduce treatment costs with higher activity Tramfloc Polymers for flocculation and settling.
  • Reduce disposal costs by producing a drier cake with Tramfloc Dewatering Polymers.
  • Reduce hazards and improve your bottom line by replacing ferric, acid, lime calcium salts, etc., with special Tramfloc Clarifying Polymers.
  • Save money by purchasing instrumentation and chemical feeding systems from the lower markup house, Tramfloc Inc.

The Mining Industry
The hard rock mines in any part of the world can reduce costs of operating the concentrators and thickeners by:

    • Increasing your mine's profits by feeding Trammine flocculants which have higher activity levels and are more economical to purchase and apply than others.
    • Reducing your costs by feeding Trammine flocculants to produce higher solids from your thickeners and bring in Trammine products which are not diluted with salt. This will reduce your operating expenses.