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Triumvirate Environmental

Triumvirate is America`s fastest growing environmental services firm.Recognized as a leader in customer service, our team demonstrates an incomparable level of commitment to our clients, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and the safest possible work environment. We strive to work as a cohesive team to provide the most effective and manageable hazardous waste programs. Triumvirate is dedicated to building an environment where health and safety professionals can seek expert insight, analysis, and solutions to meet their sustainability and efficiency goals. In addition to being a full-service environmental firm, Triumvirate represents trust throughout the environmental industry.

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200 Inner Belt Road , Somerville , Massachusetts 02143 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Regionally (various states or provinces)
Year Founded:

Company Overview

Triumvirate Environmental Inc. (TEI) provides waste management, field services, & technical services to healthcare, education, life sciences, and other markets. We help you reduce waste, save money, stay safe & compliant, manage risk, protect your reputation, and build green & sustainable solutions. Our highly educated, trained and experienced experts are on a mission each day to help EH&S and operations professionals be more informed, effective and productive. We bring a rare passion to exceed expectations. Let us show you why the most demanding and reputable universities, hospitals, life sciences companies and manufacturers choose and stay with TEI.

'Build the most productive, long-term, customer-intimate, environmental services firm by WOWing! each employee and each customer every day.'

Based on Six Key Competencies

  • Build - Demonstrating the ability to see what others cannot in creating and innovating new ideas.
  • Most Productive - The ability to see opportunity when faced with increasing adversity.
  • Long Term - Delivering longstanding, strategic and scalable solutions.
  • Customer Intimate - Having a deep-rooted understanding of each client’s needs enables Triumvirate to anticipate and deliver solutions that ultimately make their life easier.
  • Environmental Services – Providing a one-stop solution in solving a wide array of environmental problems.
  • WOW – Completely surpassing the expectations of our clients while leaving a positive and lasting impression.

Five Points of Strategy

  1. Hire smart people and train them exceptionally well.
  2. Be true to the niche strategy.
  3. Supply customer intimacy.
  4. Maintain our repeat clientele.
  5. Deliver the WOW!

Guiding Principles

  1. We provide superb service because we understand our customers.
  2. Through training, we are committed to the growth of our employees.
  3. We build our company through repeat customers that match our profile.
  4. We operate to safeguard our employees from physical harm.
  5. Through hard work, efficiency and dedication, we provide superior services.
  6. Profit provides security to our customers and allows us to reinvest in our people, our company and our community.
  7. As professionals, we respect one another.

Employee Values

  • Character – What you do and how you act when no one is looking (integrity, ethics, responsibility, passion, respect, grit, self-control)
  • WOW Delivery– Exceeding the expectations of your coworkers’ and clients’ needs (innovation, hard work, excellence, customer intimacy, safety, urgency)
  • Intelligence and Knowledge– Finding a balance of continual learning and growth (self-awareness, empathy, intellectual curiosity, mental toughness, technical skills, stress hardy, coachable)
  • Leadership– Make the people around you better (productive, expertise, accountable, mentor, positive, scalable, winning attitude, delay gratification, delivers discretionary effort)

Health, Safety & Environmental

At Triumvirate, the WOW begins with a firm commitment to Safety and Environmental Compliance! We utilize the following tools to ensure a continued focus on these core values:

  • Integrated Safety Culture – We believe that utilizing a ground-up approach to managing a world class safety culture is paramount. Through this, Triumvirate meets weekly and monthly with employees and managers to ensure a call to action for all related concerns.
  • STOP Safety Observation Program - We have adopted Dupont’s STOP Programs. Through training and coaching, Triumvirate manages employee behaviors and workplace safety on a continual basis to create a world-class culture of safety.
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - Compliance, Safety & Accountability (CSA) – Our goal is to maintain the lowest basics ratings in the environmental industry.
  • ADVISE – Triumvirate has developed its own software to manage internal and external compliance needs. This includes iPhone/iPad technology, barcoding, user interfaces & dashboards, and real-time data & reporting.


Triumvirate is dedicated to promoting a culture of learning and growth. We recognize the value that a mentoring relationship has on each employee’s developmental process towards attaining goals and building career competencies within a role. Every Triumvirate employee has the opportunity to participate in mentoring as both a protégé and a mentor.

Mentoring activities benefit employees by:

  • Building each employee’s professional network
  • Providing the opportunity to challenge assumptions
  • Realizing growth opportunities
  • Increasing professional satisfaction and career growth goals

Mentoring activities benefit Triumvirate by:

  • Tapping into employee potential
  • Increasing productivity levels
  • Increasing engagement & retention
  • Improving the overall customer experience

Triumvirate University

Founded on the principle that working adults thrive in a culture that is rich with learning and opportunity, Triumvirate University was established to provide each employee with a programmatic development and advancement plan.

The University offers a competency-based and performance-oriented variety of training from entry-level to advanced learning and development.

The training opportunities available ultimately align each employee’s professional growth and career advancement goals with company goals and initiatives, which are paramount to our success.

Opportunities include:

  • Onboarding: Welcome to Triumvirate
  • The Regulatory Environment
  • The School for Technical Studies
  • Communication and Self Awareness
  • First Line Supervision
  • The School for Managers
  • The Leadership Academy
  • The Leadership Pipeline

Triumvirate prides itself on high quality instructor-led training delivered by experienced subject matter experts. Participants can also expect online learning activities to supplement classroom time. In either case, our in-house learning and development team is devoted to providing you with experiences founded in adult learning principles, which focus on forging and strengthening neural connections and performance outcomes.

Employees of Triumvirate Environmental work with our partners in environmental health and safety to touch the lives of the more than 500 million people living in North America today. We do this through our products and services, our philanthropic programs, and other corporate initiatives. Our social responsibility policy inspires and unites the people of Triumvirate. There are three broad areas in which we and our external shareholders believe Triumvirate plays a leadership role: environmental protection and sustainable development, human rights, and access to high quality education and healthcare. As a responsible employer of choice, we promote a highly diverse workforce and encourage our people to give back to society through intellectual capital, charitable donations, and volunteer work.

Triumvirate’s Social Responsibility Policy serves as a fundament of Triumvirate’s business model. The company’s Social Responsibility Policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby we monitor and ensure our active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms. Triumvirate goes beyond compliance and engages in actions to further social good, beyond the economic interests of the company and that which is required by law.

We embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through our investing and operating activities on the environment, our neighbors, our customers, our employees, and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders. Triumvirate’s Social Responsibility Policy guides us as to what the company stands for and what we will uphold to our customers. As a major North American environmental products and services provider, we acknowledge that our obligations extend beyond a singular focus on achieving returns for our shareholders, and we realize that how we approach every aspect of our corporate responsibilities has a meaningful effect on our ability to be successful over the long term.

Triumvirate has long engaged in multiple initiatives around the world that testify to our sense of corporate responsibility. We also play a role in major international initiatives to strengthen the commitment to responsibility of business in general. Sustainable development offers a key opportunity for Triumvirate to enhance its business performance. In an effort to make the environment, social issues and business targets interoperate better on a daily basis, we focus on innovation to build competitive advantages and enhance dialogs with its stakeholders.