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TTE Laboratories` provides a broad range of pipette services, from ISO 17025 and 8655 compliant calibration to pipette repair, replacement and professional services. TTE Laboratories is the only pipette calibration provider that meets both the well known ISO 17025 standard and the far-more-important-for-pipettes ISO 8655 standard. We back that up with a full 12 month warranty (double the industry norm) and offer revolutionary EZCalâ„¢: all-inclusive pipette calibration solutions that are easy, accurate and without additional cost.

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77 Main Street , Hopkinton , MA 01748 USA

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Service provider
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Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment
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Nationally (across the country)

In 1989, three biotechnology research scientists from Boston’s famed Route 128 ('America's Technology Highway') grew dissatisfied with their available options for accurate, convenient and affordable pipette calibration.

After much investigation and discussion, they committed themselves to establishing something entirely new: a comprehensive, scientifically accurate yet still convenient pipette calibration service company.

At first, TTE offered its signature service only to local (New England) clients. As more and more labs, however, recognized the value of TTE’s comprehensive calibration, repair, and preventative maintenance service the number of satisfied customers quickly grew and TTE began servicing clients from coast to coast.

EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™

Our breakthrough Solutions make shipping time irrelevant. Customers far from TTE's state-of-the-art, ISO 17025 and ISO 8655 compliant lab (take a virtual walk through) can now benefit from our accuracy just as well as a client up the street. Both Solutions provide free pipettes so that while yours are in transit, you can continue to operate with your normal number of pipettes. And while they also offer free 24-hour turn around and free shipping, neither solution costs you anything extra to use.

GMP Select

TTE Laboratories is the only company that provides an integrated approach to laboratory liquid handling that consistently delivers the most accurate results for the lowest lifetime cost: the GMP Select™ line of products and services. With GMP Select products and services, TTE customers will see:

  • reduced cost, with the EON S “forever pipette”;
  • improved productivity, with our comprehensive pipette performance training program; and
  • improved science, with calibration that meets the ISO 17025 and ISO 8655 standards

With TTE Laboratories, you no longer have to trade calibration accuracy and reliability for outstanding convenience and price.

When it comes to choosing a pipette calibration and repair service provider, TTE Laboratories offers a clear alternative. With its GMP Select™ products and services, TTE brings an integrated approach to laboratory liquid handling that consistently delivers the most accurate results for the lowest lifetime cost.

Unlike other providers, TTE Laboratories meets both the well known ISO 17025 standard and the far-more-important-for-pipettes ISO 8655 standard. And we back that up with a full 12 month guarantee on parts and workmanship: the industry’s longest.

TTE also fervently believes that a pipette calibration service providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability should also be the most convenient on the market and should cost you no more than others: welcome to our revolutionary, all-inclusive EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™ Solutions.

Founded on Science and Scientific Principles

TTE was founded, and is still owned and operated, by former molecular research and clinical testing scientists who were unhappy with the calibration services available to them at the time. They intuitively understand not only the need for repeatability in the lab, but also the simple fact that only scientifically–proven and supported calibration methodologies, as defined in ISO 8655, can ensure accurate pipette performance. That's why we deliver pipette calibration services that are 100% compliant, reliable and—now organized into ourbreakthrough solutions—totally convenient and fully guaranteed.

Our goal was, is, and will always remain to provide an independent, standards-based pipette calibration service, with validated accuracy, repeatability, and reliability, so that every pipette’s measurement accuracy is maximized and never jeopardized. Learn more about our metrology-driven calibration.

Unparalleled Pipette Calibration Accuracy and Convenience

We don't rest on our accuracy, repeatability, and reliability laurels. We also make our services extremely convenient. 

That's why our signature 24-hour turnaround (from the time we receive your pipettes at our calibration lab) guarantees that every pipette not only receives the highest quality service available anywhere, but also leaves our facility in less than a day. 

We have forged these combinations of high-quality service and convenience into our landmark EZCal™ and EZCal Complete™ programs. For our customers, they completely remove headaches, difficulties, cumbersome responsibilities, and logistical complexitiesall at no extra cost to you.

Benefit From Our Unmatched Expertise and Experience

With over 50 years of combined laboratory experience, TTE’s management and its highly trained measurement specialists all recognize and agree on the importance of meeting or even exceeding established scientific standards in every aspect of calibrating, maintaining, repairing, and managing our customers' pipettes. Learn more about our Expertise.

That's why TTE’s scientist-owners have developed industry-leading procedures enabling us to provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. We painstakingly disassemble every pipette, perform a thorough cleaning inside and out, execute a comprehensive and detailed refurbishing, make all needed repairs, and relubricate all of the pipette’s moving parts. This extra attention to detail ensures the greatest possible reliability during the duty cycle of every pipette we calibrate, and is automatically included, free of charge, with every calibration we perform.

TTE staff’s lengthy experience working with pipettes in both biological and metrology laboratories is the basis for other valuable services we provide that others don’t. It's one of the reasons we are able to make available a comprehensive pipette user training program to provide bench scientists with a validated technical process by which to standardize their pipetting techniques and improve their measurement performance. Our training is critically important to our customers, because user errors and even subtle variations increase lab costs, require expensive rework, create reagent and other material waste, and result in significant delays. 

No Extra Charge for Extra Quality and Service

Although TTE offers the industry’s premium pipette calibration services, our pricing is highly competitive, and fully transparent. We can do this because TTE Laboratories continually focuses on finding additional ways to control costs and increase effectiveness, without sacrificing quality.

No Risks

There are alternatives to TTE Laboratories. But working with substandard service programs can be risky: inadequate workmanship, incomplete procedures, and sloppy controls may be ways to keep calibration prices low. But in the long run our customers have found such shortcuts result in greater inaccuracies in their lab measurements and higher operating costs. Reagent waste, sample loss, cross-contamination, failing pipettes, and developmental delays are part of the risk scenarios you invite when you allow a non-compliant or even a less-compliant service to touch your pipettes.

All things considered, selecting TTE Laboratories for your pipette calibration and service helps maximize pipette performance and thereby improve your scientific development. 

Our methodology is proven, controlled, standardized and reliable.

Aren’t these the values you want supporting your scientific process?