TYFOROP Chemie GmbH is specialised in development and production of secondary refrigerants and heat transfer fluids. Cooling brines, secondary refrigerants & heat transfer fluids For low-temperature cooling applications we provide „classical“ cooling brines as well as modern, organic salt based secondary refrigerants with especially favorable flow properties. Our glycol-based antifreeze and heat-transfer fluids are widely used in cooling, heating, air conditioning, and thermal solar installations. Cleaning medium for thermal solar systems

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Anton-Rée-Weg 7 , Hamburg , D-20537 Germany
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Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

We’re glad you’re interested in TYFO. For most people, chemical products have about the same appeal as visiting the dentist or preparing their taxes. Nevertheless, many unwittingly use and benefit from our top-quality products every day. Without us, they would sweat more in the summer and be colder during winter. They wouldn’t have any chocolate bunnies at Easter or ice cream for dessert. Here in Europe, football matches would be canceled when the ground freezes. Even worse, there would be no more cold beer after work. Our cars also wouldn’t be quite as aerodynamic and fuel-efficient. What we produce does not at first glance appear to be what everyone wants. But without our premium chemical products, a number of hot-selling items wouldn’t even exist.

 products move heat and cold to where it’s needed. We don’t install the pipes, but we do develop the liquids that flow through them: brine coolants, refrigerants, and heat transfer fluids.

That’s how we keep solar thermal, geothermal, wind power, under-soil heating, wind tunnel, and air-conditioning systems up and running at maximum performance. We make sure chocolate factories, breweries, wineries, and many other production facilities are able to maintain the exact temperatures they require. So anywhere precise temperature control is required, we make it happen — while protecting systems to ensure long, reliable service.

With over 50 years of experience, we’re the market leader in Europe. And that’s no accident. Because in addition to superior products, personable and reliable service, and in-house research and development, we also offer customized solutions for nearly any application.

Our name, TYFO, is an acronym for Treat Your Fuel Oil. At the time the company was founded, that was good advice. Refineries and oil companies back then faced a serious problem — fuels in airtight storage aged very rapidly. At the bottom of the tank, large quantities of oil sludge collected and, over time, destroyed the tanks. That required removal at great expense. Fuel additives which considerably improved the combustion process were therefore the first products our American parent company put on the market. In 1960, the business expanded into Europe and TYFOROP —TYFO in Eu-ROP-e — was founded. A few years later, Hamburg entrepreneur Walter Schneider acquired TYFOROP and still manages the company to this day.

The portfolio was expanded in 1972 to include heat transfer liquids and coolants, with the development and production of solar fluids following in 1979. Walter Schneider then acquired HAERTOL Chemie GmbH from Henkel in the year 2000. HAERTOL was a leading supplier of chemical products such as antifreeze, cleaning and conditioning products, and heat transfer fluids in the former East Germany. Just like TYFO, which makes its products in its Metasol facility, HAERTOL has also built its production facilities at the joint company campus in Magdeburg. The two enterprises collaborate closely in the areas of research & development and quality assurance. The value of the resulting synergies cannot be overstated.

Keeping our production facilities in Germany and retaining highly qualified employees are two key elements of our culture of quality. We also maintain representatives in a number of European countries to ensure our customers receive top service abroad.