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TYPSA Group Services

  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    TYPSA Group offers a full range of support in a number of fields. Master plans. Technical, economic and environmental studies and reports. Feasibility studies. Preliminary and schematic designs. Final designs. Construction management and site supervision. Construction project management. Auditing and due diligence Operation and maintenance management. PPP and concession studies. Land acquisition management (right of way,compulsory purchase)....

  • Research & Development and Innovation Services

    Research & Development and Innovation Services

    The TYPSA Group allocates more than 1% of its revenue to innovation and technological development. The high level professionals in TYPSA Group’s Technical Departments keep a close watch on technical developments supported by the Development Department, which creates and maintains in-house tools for instant solutions to the demands and challenges of the industry. Some of these proprietary applications include Trazado 3 (design of linear...