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The TYPSA Group allocates more than 1% of its revenue to innovation and technological development. The high level professionals in TYPSA Group’s Technical Departments keep a close watch on technical developments supported by the Development Department, which creates and maintains in-house tools for instant solutions to the demands and challenges of the industry. Some of these proprietary applications include Trazado 3 (design of linear infrastructure), GIO (construction project management), InVía (management, operation and maintenance of road infrastructure concessions), GIP (project management of dams), Expropiaciones (management of land acquisition processes) and Contcost (project cost controls).

The TYPSA Group takes part in the development of scientific and technological projects with the Coast and Ports Research Laboratory at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, through the “Pablo Bueno Chair in Maritime Civil Engineering”.

R&D is also a key component in TYPSA Group’s main fields of activity. It is worth noting that to date the Group has 34 R&D projects underway, some in collaboration with Universities, Research Centres and other Public Sector Organisations.

Listed below are some of the key projects:

  • MODETRA Project (Methodology for the Design and Implementation of Traffic Calming Systems).
  • Settlement contour maps showing the effects of urban tunnelling activities.
  • Creation of tools for operation and maintenance of trams in Barcelona.
  • ZEUS-FLUEM Project. Reservoir management using terrestrial video systems.
  • ASDECO Project. Automated System for Desalination Dilution Control.
  • RESALTTECH Project (Concentrated Saline Rejection Treatment Environmental Technology Using a Non Profitable Solid Waste as Energy Source).

Integrating these and other tools into engineering activities enables us to remain at the technical forefront in calculation, design, control and management processes and thus enables us to offer a proprietary solution complemented by cutting edge applications. Thanks to our advanced technologies, TYPSA Group is able to guarantee quality, reduce management and production costs and provide the client with not only better but more solutions, whilst at the same time striving for engineering excellence.

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