Ultraspin™ manufacture oily water separators and oil skimmers. Our separators use innovative hydrocyclones that generate strong centrifugal forces that separate the oil from the water. Systems are available to treat all flows. Standard modules treat flows up to 3.5 m3/hr. These modules come standard with oil skimmers, oil tanks and full controls. Engineered systems are available for higher flows.

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46 Wadhurst Drive , Boronia , Victoria 3155 Australia

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)
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Ultraspin is an engineering company that specialises in the design and supply of high performance oily water separation systems. Our systems use innovative hydrocyclone technology to separate oils, fats and solids from process and effluent streams. Ultraspin oil water separators are winning acclaim and awards from many large international companies.

Ultrapsin currently has around 1100 systems in the field which remove around 12,350,000 litres of oil each year. The amount of water reclaimed for reuse each year is around 20 billion litres a year, while the amount of water treated for discharge is around 57.8 billion litres per annum.

Our separation systems are the result of research and development programs started in 1983 by the company Engineers. At that time Ultraspin staff designed the world’s first successful oil removal hydrocyclone systems. There have been many innovations and process developments since then and these form the core of current Ultraspin designs.

Our systems are designed to help our customers achieve environmental compliance, cleaner production objectives or to simply provide more economic methods of dealing with oil and suspended solids in water.

  • Environmental compliance: our systems can be designed to produce discharges that comply with local, state and national standards for sewer, or stormwater discharge.
  • Cleaner Production / Operating Savings: Because our systems do not require the use of chemicals they can be used to recover valuable products for re-use or resale.

Ultraspin manages the design, supply and installation of separation systems ranging from small standard modules to projects with budgets of over $1 million dollars.