Ultraviolet Devices, Inc.

Ultraviolet Devices, Inc.

UltraViolet Devices, Inc. is based on the continuous development of safe and effective UV technology solutions. UltraViolet Devices, Inc. has been serving the Indoor Air Quality market for over 20 years. We manufacture UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation products to disinfect air and surfaces and Molecular Carbon Filtration products to remove odors and gaseous contaminants. Our reach extends globally through our distribution partners. UVDI works diligently with university and government researchers and environmental thought leaders to assure our products provide the greatest technological solutions at the best value.

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26145 Technology Drive , Valencia , CA 91355 USA
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Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)
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Our mission has always focused on providing products of the highest quality and technology that serve and protect our customers from inappropriate use of UV technology.  Under Veloz family leadership for over half a century, Aquafine and now UltraViolet Devices have been leaders in setting industry standards first for water applications with NSF International and now for air treatment with ASHRAE.

Manufacturing and Quality

The original vision for UltraViolet Devices in 1992 included creating an organization with world class business and quality systems.  UVDI achieved ISO certification within three years of the company's creation and has successfully passed audits each year.  Manufacturing at UVDI is based on Demand Flow technology and the company uses lean manufacturing skills and continuous improvement processes both in the office and on the plant floor. In 2005 UVDI embraced ASQ Six Sigma training and the organization certified 4 Black Belts and over 20 green belts. UVDI’s quality culture has been recognized by our customers with several preferred supplier and community awards.

Engineering Leadership

All new products developed at UVDI are the result of a formalized voice-of-the-customer process. Using cross functional product development teams and a gated product development process, UVDI is able to quickly design highly effective products at the lowest possible cost. State of the art solid modeling software and in-house rapid prototyping enable UVDI to speed new products to market. All product designs are confirmed with proprietary computer bioassay modeling software and then performance is verified in UVDI’s reliability lab.

Human Resources

UVDI provides a superior work environment and regular training in core values, communication skills, work related process, and all aspects of safety and personal ergonomics.  As part of our culture of employee empowerment, employees are encouraged to participate in continuing education through generous financial support.  UVDI participates and supports local philanthropic organizations and encourages employees to be community active.

UVDI is one of the oldest and most respected ultraviolet disinfection companies in the world.

It all began with the hard work and ingenuity of a single man. Three generations ago Lou Veloz was an engineer for Westinghouse when their R&D engineers developed and patented the first commercial ultraviolet lamps. Lou was excited by this new technology and in 1949 he purchased a Westinghouse UV lamp dealership. Early applications were difficult to develop, but Lou had a vision of how ultraviolet light might be widespread and effective. He formed Aquafine Corporation to focus on water disinfection.

The First Products

The first products were simple, but they were very effective and were sold to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to disinfect surface drinking water sources used by Arizona agricultural workers. Louis then recognized a number of similar markets and sold his units to the cottage cheese industry, the fruit drink producers, beverage bottlers, ice cream manufacturers and bakeries.

The First Growth

In 1962, he brought his son, Thomas Veloz, into the company to help with marketing and design. Shortly thereafter, the company enjoyed great growth due to the semiconductor industry in the Silicon Valley. Microprocessor chip production demands a tremendous volume of ultra pure water. This was a natural fit for Aquafine and soon the company was propelled into international distribution.

The First Partnership

In the late 80s, a global marketing company approached Tom about partnering on a water disinfection system for overseas consumers. After several years of prototypes and testing, Aquafine was awarded the contract. In order to best serve this contract, Tom created a separate company, UVDI, and began forming a state of the art manufacturing facility in Valencia, California.

From Water to Air Disinfection

As UVDI thrived in water disinfection, Tom and his team began to see another market on the horizon: the disinfection of air in commercial and residential buildings. In 2002, UVDI launched its ALTRU-V line of air disinfection products. Ultraviolet technology replaces outdated chemical and mechanical cleaning techniques and it provides a much safer result with the lowest operating cost in the industry. The company has shipped millions of products that are used all over the globe in applications ranging from point-of-use drinking water disinfection to indoor environmental control.

Quality: Setting The Company Apart

UVDI is a market leader in research, development and manufacturing, but what truly sets the company apart is its total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. To help achieve this goal, UVDI is certified as an ISO 9001-2008 manufacturer and has adopted the principies of lean manufacturing.

Acquisitions and New Products

In order to meet growing IAQ needs, UVDI acquired Sparks Technology in 2006. Sparks was one of the few companies in the world manufacturing bonded activated carbon and UVDI is now the exclusive manufacturer of BPS (Bonded Particulate Structure) technology. Combined with UVDI’s Spark’s Technology brand, the company markets carbon filtration products used to deliver cleaner, healthier air in commercial and industrial applications worldwide.

The Next Generation

In 2006, the third generation of the Veloz family took over the leadership of UVDI. Tom’s sons, Peter and David are committed to seeing the company continue to grow and expand into new partnerships, new markets, and new levels of success.

Recent innovations include the development of the V-360+ Room Sanitizer which gives UVDI a competitive advantage in the area of surface disinfection. This unit, which can safely deliver enough UV energy to disinfect a room's touch surfaces in minutes, is the only mobile disinfection device on the market certified by UL and CSA standards.