Universal Recycling Technologies

Universal Recycling Technologies is a recycling company that provides electronics recycling, universal waste recycling and asset recovery solutions across a diverse range of market segments including OEMs, retailers, municipalities and Fortune 500 organizations. URT is headquartered in Wisconsin, with additional facilities in Texas, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Indiana, Oregon and New York. URT’s Wisconsin, Texas, Oregon and New Hampshire processing facilities are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and e-Stewards certified and all URT locations are in process to be certified. Since 2007, URT has been owned by Hendricks Holding Company, an investment and corporate development group with a diverse portfolio of businesses that span the globe and a proven track record of success. From electronic and universal waste recycling to asset management and pack-and-ship box programs, URT is poised to serve its customers’ diverse recycling needs.

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2535 Beloit Avenue , Janesville , WI 53546 USA

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
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Nationally (across the country)

e-Stewards Certified Recycling
As an e-Stewards certified recycler, URT processes all materials in full compliance with best practice industry standards. The e-Stewards program is the most comprehensive and aggressive recycler certification program available today. URT customers may rest assured that their recycling partner is adhering to the strictest ethical standards, processing all materials in a way that protects both customer interests and the environment. Downstream accountability is assured.

Legislative Management Programs
URT works with more than 20 large and geographically dispersed original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), managing collections through 20 state legislative programs and ten voluntary programs in other states. URT’s extensive collector network includes municipal and retail locations across the nation—covering all 50 states—greatly expanding potential and capacity for its customers.

End-of-Life Recycling
URT’s end-of-life processing programs keep millions of pounds of e-waste from entering our nation’s landfills each year. An expert in both recycling and material recovery, URT offers comprehensive recycling of all types of electronic equipment, including: consumer electronics, security equipment, computers and peripherals, laboratory equipment, communication equipment, testing equipment, network equipment, point-of-sale equipment, office equipment, cathode ray tubes, uninterruptible power supplies, circuit boards, appliances and more. Following U.S. EPA requirements, URT recycles all equipment to its individual commodity components and separates all hazardous materials onsite, providing customers with documentation that provides protection and eliminates the liability associated with the hazards of electronics. By managing 100% of the process, URT assumes all of the liability for its customers' obsolete or damaged equipment. Additionally, URT offers in-house shredding capabilities and strategic alliances with key refining and smelting foundries, maximizing its ability to identify, extract and obtain higher returns on commodity materials.

URT provides an effective, economical solution for recycling obsolete monitors and televisions into new cathode ray tube glass—one of the few clean glass-to-glass processes available on the market today. Glass is sorted by type and chemistry, to produce furnace-ready cullet with no exposure to the environment. The processed, clean glass is reused for its original purpose, eliminating customer liability associated with managing hazardous materials. This is the preferred management method of state and federal regulatory agencies.

Universal Waste Recycling
Through URT’s WasteSecure prepaid pack-and-ship box program, universal wastes can be conveniently shipped to the most appropriate URT site for processing. WasteSecure offers proprietary branded box programs for corporate partners seeking a custom solution. Nationwide service, web-based tracking, Spanish-language options and instant certificates of compliance via email make this a smart and convenient solution for customers with high volumes of lighting ballasts, lamps, and more.

Asset Recovery and Management Services
URT’s asset recovery services feature barcode tracking of each asset or consumer electronic return with detailed tracking and reporting for complete transparency. Comprehensive liability insurance and documented end-to-end chain of custody provide full indemnity against risk. Security is assured throughout all processes. Facilities are equipped with independently-monitored video surveillance, access is restricted to tightly-controlled, approved personnel and extensive background checks are conducted.

URT’s data destruction capabilities are unparalleled. URT is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM), and utilizes the industry-leading Blancco hard drive sanitation software. All processes are Department of Defense approved. URT manages the asset recovery process for its customers so that all state, federal and industry regulations are met and exceeded.

URT has extensive experience with and knowledge of secondary markets, facilitating enhanced sales and revenue sharing for assets with second-life potential. Remarketing used technology helps URT’s customers recover valuable investment capital. URT also operates its own online and brick-and-mortar retail sales operations under the brand name Midwest Electronics Warehouse, providing additional, hassle-free sales opportunities. URT is also certified as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, which allows the company to install Microsoft operating systems and software, opening up tremendous revenue opportunities for recycled computer equipment.

A Trusted Business Partner
URT’s mission is 'to become a market leader in electronic and universal waste management focused on innovative technology with commitment to continuous improvement.' URT is committed to continuous improvement that tracks with leading-edge technology and processes—the best of the best. URT promises to serve every stakeholder group with honesty, integrity, and professionalism, providing forward-thinking, responsible, and dependable recycling services that exceed industry standards.

Nothing is more important than serving our customers in the most conscientious way possible.

Before URT, CRT
CRT Processing, LLC was formed by Don Seiler and Jim Cornwell in 2003 to process electronic waste, or e-waste, including cathode ray tube (CRT) glass-to-glass recycling. It was one of only a handful in the nation, and the only Midwestern firm, to do so at the time.

Seiler's and Cornwell's vision began long before the company was created. An engineer, Seiler designed advanced processing equipment capable of breaking down electronic component parts for safe and responsible recycling. This allowed CRT to process e-waste in-house for its customers, making the company an exceptionally trustworthy partner for big business, who could rest assured their e-waste was being managed correctly and in full compliance. With a long and respected career in universal waste management, Cornwell worked with Seiler to develop a vision for the future that included the development of multiple lines of universal recycling services and products.

Rapid Expansion
The partnership of these visionary owners set the stage for rapid expansion. In 2007, the company was noticed and then acquired by the Hendricks Holding Co. of Beloit, WI. Hendricks Holding Co. was founded by the late Ken Hendricks and is now owned and operated by his wife, Diane Hendricks.

Almost immediately after the Hendricks partnership, CRT Processing acquired Uniwaste Systems in Portsmouth, NH; opened a collections/transfer facility in Newport, ME; and opened a recycling facility in Oakdale, MN, near Minneapolis. The next year, the company acquired Environmental Light Recyclers, a fluorescent lamp processing facility in Fort Worth, TX. In 2009, CRT continued to grow, opening a West Coast electronic waste processing facility in Clackamas, OR; acquiring Resource Technology, a fluorescent lamp recycling equipment sales and service company; and introducing WasteSecure, a pre-paid pack-and-ship box program for fluorescent lamp and battery recycling.

Unexpected Tragedy
CRT Processing, LLC CEO and founder Don Seiler was a driving force at CRT and an honorable man. During the course of a 2009 business trip, he suffered a fatal heart attack. While everyone who knew and loved Don will never truly recover from his loss, he would be proud to know that his hard work over many years has paid remarkable dividends. The company he envisioned is a reality. It supports hundreds of employees and their families, provides industry-leading services and truly makes a difference in the world through responsible recycling. He left quite a legacy. President Jim Cornwell and the entire CRT group are honored to carry on the tradition of excellence he began, living up to the high standards that were his hallmark.

URT: Poised for the Future
By late 2009, it was clear that CRT Processing, LLC had expanded far beyond the 'CRT processing' that first brought it acclaim. With its full-service universal waste recycling service and product lines, it was time for a new name to match the company's expanded mission. As of January 2010, CRT Processing, LLC became Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC or URT.

Today URT offers complete recycling solutions for universal waste, e-waste, asset management, and continues to manufacture its own proprietary recycling equipment. URT also sells a complete range of convenient pre-paid pack-and-ship recycling boxes through its WasteSecure division.

With locations across the nation and the ability to manage complex recycling programs with ease, URT offers its customers turnkey recycling solutions backed by exceptional customer service and attention.

'To become a market leader in electronic and universal waste management focused on innovative technology with commitment to continuous improvement.'


Our Customers
To provide first class, professional, and environmentally sound recycling services.

Our Environment
To make a fitting contribution to our community and protect the environment in which we conduct business.

Our Employees
To provide our employees with a safe workplace that provides personal and career growth opportunities.

Our Vendors
To provide the best strategic partnership opportunity to our vendors.

Our Performance
To ensure we have a viable and sustainable business, which will safeguard our customers and support our employees and stakeholders.

Brand Promise
Universal Recycling Technologies promises to serve every stakeholder group with honesty, integrity and professionalism, providing forward-thinking, responsible and dependable recycling services that exceed industry standards.

URT and its staff are committed to the protection of the environment, to meeting customer expectations and to health and safety in every aspect of our operations and personnel.

The executive management will ensure that this commitment is kept to the highest priority and that the processing of equipment is done with the highest quality and in the most environmentally friendly and health and safety oriented manner.

The executive management will ensure to the best of its ability that all vendors for downstream materials will adhere to the same environmental and quality standards and protections of the health and safety of its employees as we do and to ensure that all buyers, purchasers and downstream vendors will be expected to protect the environment of developing countries by following good product stewardship guidelines.

  • URT is committed to continual improvement, prevention of pollution and the prevention of injury and ill health.
  • URT is committed to complying with all legal and other requirements, including the Basel Convention, Basel Amendment, OECD Decisions and national laws of import and export countries.
  • URT is committed to monitoring our Environmental, Quality, Health and Safety objectives and targets and continually improving our management system.
  • URT is accountable to managing Hazardous e-Waste Materials throughout the recycling chain to final disposition with due diligence to protect the environment and worker health.
  • URT is committed to social accountability values including the prohibition of prison and minor labor.
  • URT is committed to educating our customers on data security issues and protecting their data throughout the recycling chain.

URT is committed to communicating and reinforcing this policy throughout our company, as well as, to our customers, our suppliers and to the public.