Urecon Ltd.

Urecon Ltd.

Urecon Ltd.

Urecon`s U.I.P. processed pipe is insulated with rigid polyurethane foam, the best insulation commercially available on the market today. Founded in 1969, Urecon has been pre-insulating pipe with it`s void free U.I.P. insulation process since 1972 out of St. Lazare, Quebec and since 1981 out of our Calmar, Alberta plant. With our system, the pipe is pre-insulated in our factory and arrives on the job site ready to install. Urecon will provide a healthy and safe environment for our employees that allow them to enjoy their work experience to the fullest. We shall endeavor to deliver the finest quality pre-insulated pipe product and service to our customers in an environmentally sound manner.

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1800 Ave. Bedard , St. Lazare-de-Vaudreuil , Quebec J7T 2G4 Canada
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Pipes and Piping
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Internationally (various countries)

Urecon's patented insulation process ensures a homogenous, void free layer of rigid polyurethane foam insulation, bonded directly to the entire pipe surface. Our insulation system may be applied to virtually any type of core pipe on the market today, from 13 mm (½ in) to 1100 mm (42 in) in diameter, with or without electric tracing conduit. Millions of meters of Urecon pre-insulated pipe have been installed for both freeze prevention (often with our THERMOCABLE electric tracing system) in cold climates; centrally chilled water piping systems in temperate and tropical climates; and hot water / low pressure steam piping for process and district energy. With the proper outer protective jacket, our pipes may be installed either buried or above ground.

In any extreme climate, Urecon pre-insulated pipe is the system of choice.

Urecon proudly distributes EN253 (European standard) hot water district heating pipe products throughout North America. Headquartered in Denmark, Logstor is the world’s pre-eminent producer of pre-insulated pipe systems employing over 1400 people in 9 production facilities. Logstor also produce a unique line of flexible pipe systems called PEX-Flex.

Our objectives:

  • To maintain an effective quality assurance system complying with International Standard ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.
  • To achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances our reputation with our customers.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements.
  • To endeavour, at all times, to deliver the finest quality insulated pipe products and services to our customers.