UrsaNav, Incorporated

UrsaNav, Incorporated

UrsaNav, Incorporated

UrsaNav is a diversified technology company focused on delivering innovative engineering, information technology (IT), and associated professional services and solutions. We are, and always have been, committed to improving the operational capabilities of our customers—worldwide. Since our inception in 2004, the vision of supplying the government and commercial sectors with a full suite of end-to-end solutions has enabled us to grow in both size and scope of work. UrsaNav, Incorporated has purchased the entire suite of technical assets of Locus and is in the process of incorporating that technology into our own new suite of Low Frequency (Loran, eLoran, LFPhoenix, and Alternative PNT) products.

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85 Rangeway Road, Suite 110, Building Three , North Billerica , MA 01862-2105 USA
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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UrsaNav and its characteristic collaborative spirit originated from a personal relationship between its majority owners, Charles (Chuck) A. Schue, III and Randall (Randy) E. Hall. In 2004, these two former U.S. Coast Guard colleagues were presented with the opportunity to purchase the assets of a California-based products company’s east coast operations. Simultaneously, the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business program was becoming a viable differentiator in the government space. This valuable classification was a welcome recognition for these two esteemed veterans. Determined for UrsaNav to be a force in diverse technological realms, with a global reach, the owners charted a course that encompassed a disciplined but multi-focused approach. To fulfill their goal, subject matter experts from the fields of information technology, advanced engineering, information management solutions, and professional services were hired—expanding UrsaNav’s product and services portfolio. With UrsaNav’s continual growth, both in size and range of services, comes recognition by industry peers and competitors and a steady flow of business opportunities. The emphasis on pursuing excellence by UrsaNav’s “team” of employees, who devise the innovative solutions, market the technology, and fulfill customers service needs, epitomizes the company motto “Follow the Stars”.

UrsaNav strives to provide the best possible service to customers, to be the best business partners possible, and to empower employees to do the right things right. We have received countless customer satisfaction awards and other accolades that confirm we are doing just that! We believe in what we do.

UrsaNav - Follow the Stars

The name UrsaNav and our corresponding logo, which originated from the constellation Ursa Major (“The Bear”), signifies our ever-expanding scope and quest to press forward beyond physical and intellectual boundaries—just as the stars are numberless in the sky.

Pioneering New Frontiers

To say UrsaNav pioneers new frontiers is an understatement. Conceiving of innovative solutions to complex problems is one of our primary strengths. The subject matter experts at UrsaNav design inventive and quick turn-around solutions to custom requirements on a daily basis; this is the backbone of the company. The advanced engineering and information technology support UrsaNav imparts to customers extends across many areas from radio, radar, 3-D Sonar and Inertial Navigation; to Position, Navigation and Timing solutions; Web and database applications; and to Radar Navigation and Surveillance. The products we design and deploy, and the subsequent follow-on services included, improve operations for a diverse clientele.

The technological advances forged, and the subsequent innovative products developed by UrsaNav are key to the company’s future success. Our programmers, engineers, field technicians, program managers, subject matter experts, and support staff professionals have a shared interest in a more productive tomorrow—and it shows. The goal is to solve tomorrow’s challenges by exploring all possibilities and to embark upon new frontiers. This collective vision has led to specialized products such as the Ursa Navigator (UN-100™), a scalable Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Gateway system; a Pirates Alert and Tracking System (PATS); a 3-D Sonar System (UN-400™); a Loran-based low-frequency, small footprint Terrestrial Positioning System (TPS); and more. These state-of-the-art technological innovations eclipse any other technology currently available.

What’s in a name?

We are constantly asked how we came to name our company 'UrsaNav'. The context of 'Nav' originates from our start as primarily a navigation company. Additionally, 'Ursa' was derived from the famous constellation Ursa Major, also known as 'The Bear' and 'The Big Dipper'.

UrsaNav is guided by the belief that if we “Follow the Stars,” which entails going beyond boundaries and exploring all possibilities, the company will continue to develop innovative, ground-breaking solutions. By extending our mission and capabilities to diverse technological realms, incredible and positive transformations have resulted. The vision of success and mission to pursue excellence is sustained by a highly-skilled and ambitious workforce. The people of UrsaNav are motivated by a core set of values and a shared focus on achieving operational excellence, performing for clients and exceeding their expectations, and leading the way in technology.

Our Motto:

Follow the Stars!

Our Mission:

UrsaNav is a diversified technology company focused on delivering innovative engineering, information technology, and associated professional services and solutions. We are committed to improving the operational capabilities of our customers worldwide.
Our Vision:

We “Reach for the Stars!” by:

  • Employing imaginative, empowered, entrepreneurial-minded professionals;
  • Providing opportunities to turn problems into solutions and ideas into products;
  • Investing in our customers, our company, and, most importantly, ourselves; and
  • Delivering uncompromising quality in a fun, friendly, and respectful environment.

Our Values:

  1. We are Paid, Professional, Adults.
  2. We want to have fun. We work hard and play hard. (Smiling is encouraged.)
  3. We will contribute up to our ability and capacity to help everyone successfully achieve the goal(s) of the team, the customer, and the company.
  4. No one person is more important or critical than another.
  5. All ideas and viewpoints have merit, and we shall not be personally derided for presenting opposing ideas. (Laughing out loud is OK!)
  6. We should never be afraid to say we don’t know or understand the task at hand. We should seek assistance from anyone within the company without fear of ridicule.
  7. We will inform others as soon as we become aware that we cannot complete our individual or team task(s). (Although showing up is important; just showing up is not enough.)
  8. We can poke fun at one another, and at our company, but never in a manner that could be interpreted as a personal attack.
  9. We are honest and forthright, and firmly stand by our convictions. However, we bow to the will of the team once a decision is made.
  10. Any conflict will be open and honest, yet non-threatening, either physically or mentally.
  11. We will persevere to share individual strengths and overcome individual weaknesses.
  12. We are loyal; to each other, to our company, and to our customers.

The UrsaNav “Team” is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. A culture of quality is established by continuously seeking the highest levels of customer satisfaction. By performing planned and systematic actions, customers are afforded the confidence that our processes and product lines satisfy their requirements for quality.

What does this Quality Assurance Commitment mean to customers? It means that whether UrsaNav is providing Engineering Systems, Products, or Solutions; Information Management Solutions; Information Technology Solutions; or Diversified Professional Services, our approach is one of continuous process improvement. The ultimate goal is to perform the tasking right the first time—and on-time and within budget.

UrsaNav recognizes that customer satisfaction directly impacts reputation and is a determining factor of the results and achievement of our Quality Assurance Commitment. Therefore, customers are encouraged, via a Customer Satisfaction Survey, to evaluate our performance and provide feedback on ways to better serve their needs. UrsaNav’s motto “Follow the Stars” symbolizes our uncompromising quest for quality and excellence.

We redefine what’s possible, and our multi-focused approach enables us to support a diverse customer base.

The motto “our capabilities, improve your capabilities” isn’t just a catchy phrase—it’s a pledge. Since our broad capabilities range from advanced engineering and information technology to professional and information management services—and these domains are managed by highly specialized engineers, technicians, programmers, program managers, etc.—we can enhance what your company already does well.

Complementing our services is the innovative technology we design, develop, and deploy to take customers to the next level in their operations. Services, solutions, and satisfaction…we provide all three.


Our LF solutions include a combination of fully developed and proof-of-concept technology that can easily meet your operational and R&D requirements worldwide. UrsaNav’s current efforts are an extension of several years of work in LF PNTF&D systems, including the development of rapidly-deployable and easily transportable solutions.

Our technologies include:

Differential Global Positioning System (Maritime DGPS, Nationwide DGPS)
Loran-C and Chayka
Enhanced Loran (eLoran) and eChayka
LFPhoenix™ (“Almond Code”)
”T3” Temporary, Tactical, and Transportable Solutions