US Nuclear Corporation

US Nuclear Corporation

US Nuclear Corp designs, manufactures and markets a branded, full line of radiation and chemical detection instrumentation including specialties such as drone based aerial radiation detection, advanced Tritium and Carbon-14 monitoring technology, and real-time continuous water monitoring. US Nuclear Corp is a fully-reporting, publicly traded company on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board, traded under the ticker symbol UCLE. The Company`s operations are principally engaged through its subsidiaries, operating three leading nuclear radiation detection companies, Overhoff Technology Corp., Optron Scientific Company Inc dba Technical Associates, and ECC Electronic Control Concepts.

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7051 Eton Avenue , Canoga Park , California 91303 USA


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Radiation Safety
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Globally (various continents)


US Nuclear Corp provides measurement instrumentation for the nuclear energy industry and for emerging technological processes such as Fusion, Thorium and Molten Salt (MSR) reactor technologies both domestically and globally. American and International customers include United States Government Agencies, the U.S. Military, Homeland Security, National Laboratories, Universities, Hospitals, nuclear reactor facilities in the United States, China, Canada, South Korea, Argentina, Russia and others.

Providing Exceptional
radiation measurement instrumentation is the primary goal of US Nuclear Corp through both Technical Associates, Overhoff Technology, and Electronic Control Concepts. The combined expertise over more than 70 years in design and manufacturing brings to the nuclear industry over 300 instruments and systems for radiation detection and monitoring of a wide variety of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma isotopes including those difficult to detect such as Tritium, Carbon-14, and Pulsed X-Rays.

is the rule at US Nuclear Corp and the DroneSensor System with the DroneRAD, a radiation detection system mounted on a drone provides Aerial Radiation Detection; another first in the field of radiation detection and measurement. US Nuclear Corp real-time continuous water monitoring instruments continue to lead the field in performance, sensitivity, and variety of nuclides detected.

Target Industries
include nuclear power plants, utilities: drinking water and wastewater, national laboratories, government agencies, homeland security, military, national laboratories, universities and schools, radiopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, hospitals, energy companies, weapons facilities, first responders, local governments, environmental protection, occupational safety, and manufacturing plants utilizing radioactive components.

Product Development
is another key aspect that defines US Nuclear Corp—if customers are unable to find a product that meets their need, or if there is a unique project with special requirements, we work with customers to design a system to meet their specifications.

Experience And Quality
100 plus years of experience in providing quality and chemical radiation detection and monitoring instrumentation and systems to the global nuclear industry.
Innovation And Precision
Product development and manufacturing are only two of our key elements. We work closely with industry leaders to design advanced systems to address unmet needs.
Aerial Radiation And Chemical Detection
The DroneSensor system uses state-of-the-art industrial grade drones carrying radiation and chemical sensors. Wireless transmission to ground station provides real-time data.


One of our core values is to punctually deliver top-quality products that have been thoroughly tested and certified, continuously improving design and functionality to ensure precise radiation detection and proper worker safety.

Product development is another key aspect that defines US Nuclear Corp. If customers are unable to find a product that meets their need, or have a unique project with special requirements, US Nuclear Corp works closely with customers to design a system to meet their specifications.

The newest product development of US Nuclear Corp is the incorporation of radiation and chemical sensors with drone mounted platforms. Serving a variety of industries this partnership of technology is creating a revolutionary new industry. Aerial Radiation and Chemical Detection. US Nuclear Corp’s strategic partnership with FlyCFam UAV provides a comprehensive package to the customer that flies in all-weather, heavy winds, and with a heavy payload. This provides the opportunity to fly multiple sensors at one time with real-time wireless download.

US Nuclear Corp corporate headquarters are in Canoga Park, California

Technical Associates was founded in 1946 as a spin off from the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos National Laboratory. TA’s founders designed and built the first industrial grade radiation detectors and monitors to safeguard the scientists building the world’s first atomic bomb. TA excels in product engineering for radiation measurement and safety instruments for a diverse range of nuclear industry requirements; the result of over 60 years of dedication and commitment to exceptional radiation monitoring.

Technical Associates places special emphases in air and water monitoring. This includes but is not limited to drinking water, sea water, and wastewater monitors; i.e. developing the world’s only real-time continuous Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Tritium in water monitor capable of measuring at or below EPA/PAG level guidelines.

Technical Associates innovation and forward thinking has led to the development of Aerial Robotic Sensors with industrial grade drone technology carrying radiation and chemical sensors. This is the first of its kind of in aerial reconnaissance.

For nearly 40 years, Overhoff Technology has been designing and manufacturing high quality Tritium monitors. Overhoff Technology has earned a remarkable reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of Tritium monitors.

The key values established by founder, Dr. Mario W. Overhoff (1928-2005), continue to this day. Tritium is the most difficult nuclide to detect and measure. Overhoff Technology continues to be the leader in detecting this elusive yet deadly radionuclide globally.

Overhoff offers a full line of Tritium monitoring instrumentation serving fusion power, nuclear power plants, and biotech companies. These include among others: portable and fixed air monitors, passive samplers, nuclear power plant heavy water leak detectors, ultra-low level air monitors, stack and continuous duty air monitors, and surface contamination detectors.

Electronic Control Concepts is a company dedicated to producing high quality, X-Ray calibration and measurement devices. Medical and dental offices, hospitals, airports, manufacturing, etc anywhere x-ray instruments are in use the products of EEC are critical in maintaining a safe working environment for employees, customers, and the general public.

Electronic Control Concepts’ instruments are precise and have passed the scrupulous quality standards of organizations such as the U.S navy and army and are currently used in over 50 countries.

This product line expands US Nuclear Corp’s broad line of hospital and medical instruments, many of which are also x-ray related. Additionally, two of Technical Associates’ competitors buy and resell EEC instruments to complete their product line.