US Waste Industry

US Waste Industry

US Waste Industry

U.S. Waste Industries is a full service environmental company. We have a group of consultants offering environmental consulting which consists of Hazardous Waste Disposal Services, remediation services such as tank cleaning, contaminated soil, lagoon cleanings and demolition projects. Consultants are on call 24 hours a day and are available for emergency response. U.S Waste can manage your next lagoon cleaning, lagoon closure. We offer on site solidification or stabilization, sludge disposal and dredging services. U.S Waste Industries will manage the transportation and disposal services needed to meet your needs. Whether its drum waste removal, Lab packs of surplus chemicals, Vac tankers for tank cleaning, waste water disposal or bulk shipments of corrosive waste U.S. Waste is the one stop shop to handle your RCRA disposal needs.

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4420 Jefferies Highway , Walterboro , South Carolina 29488 USA
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Hazardous Waste
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

U.S. Waste employs a diversified group of professional individuals who are experienced and specifically trained in the environmental field dating back to the inception of RCRA. For more than a decade, U.S. Waste has provided a full range of environmental services to firms throughout the United States. Here are a few examples: Transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, lagoon cleaning, tank cleaning, demolition, precious metals recycling, sludge removal, explosive waste disposal, PCB disposal, mercury waste disposal, RAD waste and many more.

At US WASTE we manage transportion and recycling, and dispose of over sixteen million pounds of industrial waste a month across the U.S.
If there are surplus, outdated, or unknown chemicals, US Waste Industries has a team of Hazmat trained technicians that can identify and process the material characterization needed to properly dispose of hazardous materials. This includes analytical services such as ph and tclp analysis.

U.S Waste utilizes many forms of disposal including, fuels blending, water treatment, non hazardous waste solidification or stabilization, deep well injection, incineration and microencapsulating. Waste minimization is important to many of U.S. Waste Industries industrial clients. We have a waste recycling group that will manage your recycling/reuse needs. If you have consumer goods for recycling, metals for recovery, waste that could be used for land applying we have a reuse program that could fit your needs.

US Waste Industries waste management services also include reactive and radioactive waste disposal. U.S. Waste can also provide repair service to your pond, lagoon or settling basin by replacing the poly liner or the clay liner. Us Waste Industries will help with waste management by providing yearly waste reports that can aid in EPA reporting. U.S. Waste also provides manifests and hazardous waste labels for the proper shipment of hazardous waste.

Us Waste provides closure services whether it’s a landfill closure or a plant closure. We can manage these projects from start to finish. This could include characterization of material, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste, cleaning and decommission of any tanks including the removal of surplus chemicals. We also have demolition services available.

Hazardous materials certification training is available onsite or at one of our training seminars. Underground storage tank removal is one of our specialties. We can provide soil testing and remediation of contaminated soil. We may be able to recycle the tank itself.

We offer industrial field services like dust cleanup, asbestos removal and tank cleanout (including confined space), spill clean up and PCB cleaning. U.S Waste industries can find a home for out dated, off spec, or surplus chemicals. Often these can be put to reuse or recycle.

Us Waste industries transportation and disposal services of hazardous and non hazardous waste are available nationwide. We provide manifest and label services. We are DOT approved. Us Waste Industries provides customers with Indemnification through our insurance Coverage that covers for Pollution Control and Professional Liability.

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