WABAG is one of the world’s leading companies in the water treatment field. WABAG’s key competences, which are based on over 90 years of plant building experience, lie in the design, completion and operation of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants for both the municipal and industrial sectors. WABAG offers sustained solutions for special customer needs through a comprehensive range of services and innovative technologies. Our plants facilitate environmentally compatible wastewater disposal and secure access to clean drinking water for an increasing number of people. This allows us to make an important contribution to environmental protection and enhanced quality of life. We would like to invite you to immerse yourself in the world of WABAG and thus become acquainted with a modern, internationally active company, which is rich in tradition.

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Dresdner Strasse 87-91 , Vienna , 1200 Austria

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of water and wastewater treatment plant design, construction and operational management, we offer sustainable solutions that can serve as the economic basis for a region and provide enhanced quality of life for the local population.   

Our customers have justified confidence in our blend of innovative technologies and over 90 years of plant building experience. Indeed, it is the optimum synergy between reliable quality, long-term experience and leading edge technology that has given us an outstanding, international reputation as a water technology company.

We regard our endeavours aimed at the conservation and ecological utilisation of the world’s most valuable resource as both a daily challenge and a social responsibility. Moreover, we believe that these activities constitute a major investment in a future life that will be worth living.  

Our objective is to provide a growing number of people with access to clean drinking water and ecologically treated process water, as well as to secure the environmentally compatible disposal of municipal and industrial wastewater, and thus make a major and sustainable contribution to environmental protection and an enhanced quality of life. This task drives us on during the development of new technologies, the ongoing optimisation of existing processes and the opening us of new markets. Then the success of our efforts secures one the Earth’s greatest treasures, namely water, the basis of life.

Our vision – sustainable solutions. for a better life.

WABAG is a reliable and competent partner to its municipal and industrial customers. It is the company’s aim to secure technological competence in selected key and target markets and to create additional benefits for customers, partners and employees through the structures of a learning enterprise.

We implement our projects through the harmonisation of technological and economic considerations, with human and natural concerns.

A partnership based on trust.
We know our customers’ needs and see ourselves as their partner. We prepare optimised and customised concepts. Moreover, quality with regard to implementation is both our claim and the driving force behind our activities. Our customers can have confidence in us.

Lasting responsibility
We act in a responsible manner. Our solutions are sustainable, which means that they are effective and efficient, durable, safe and make economic, ecological and social sense.

We are a progressive partner and provide our customers with state of the art, innovative technologies. To this end, we carry out a great deal of in-house development work.

We are committed to renewable resources. Therefore, we offer an increasing number of technologies for the efficient reuse
of wastewater.

We offer unique, tailor-made solutions. We regard every assignment as a fresh challenge and are committed to both our customers and their projects.

Valuable partner
We generate value added throughout the entire life cycle of the plants of our customers. Our experience and know-how pay concrete dividends.

Concentrated strength
We possess top positions in selected, international markets. We raise our efficiency through the targeted use of our competences. We seek proximity to our international customers through branches in 18 countries.

Employees – our most powerful source of potential
We are extremely conscious of the fact that our employees represent our greatest corporate asset. Every day, they realise our multifaceted and exciting assignments on a platform formed by trust, fairness and integrity in an international environment. We promote creativity, diversity and personal development.

VA TECH WABAG GmbH resulted from the merger in 1999 of the water technology segment of the VA TECHNOLOGIE Group with that of DEUTSCHE BABCOCK. However, the WABAG brand actually dates back to 1924, when Max Reder founded the WABAG Wasserfilter-Bau in Breslau. Moreover, one of the tap roots of the current WABAG extends to the year 1868 and the founding of the Viennese company, Julius Overhoff, which was highly successful with its water treatment activities in the 1930s and in 1987, was integrated into the Austrian SGP AG. The emergence of VA TECH WABAG in 1999 marked the company’s transformation into a global player in the water and wastewater treatment sector with a global network of business units and a comprehensive product portfolio. Following a period of consolidation and change of ownership, WABAG is now active as an international player in key markets. Moreover, in October 2010, the company achieved another milestone in its history with the successful IPO in India of VA TECH WABAG Ltd..

This relatively turbulent history serves to demonstrate that international thought and action, as well as the ongoing acquisition of know-how, represent prerequisites for successful development and global competitiveness. Accordingly, we also wish to be the best possible partner for our customers in years to come.

Dynamism and tradition.

For us, these characteristics are not contradictory, but rather major factors for success. They constitute values that contribute to the optimum implementation of long-term experience and state of the art know-how to the benefit of our customers. Thus the focus on core competences and high-potential, strategic markets constitutes both your and our guarantee of top quality and perfect solutions.

Those that cease to improve, cease to be good.