VDL Klima, part of VDL Groep, develops and manufactures ventilation systems and heat exchangers, including air/air, air/water and box coolers as well as shell and tube heat exchangers, for various applications such as propulsion systems, power generators, transformers and converters. Engineering and production are fully integrated, and are therefore performed in-house. VDL Klima makes use of the tremendous wealth of knowledge and skill, developed within the organization over the past 100 years, and its state-of-the-art production technologies to procure every customer with the optimal solution for their requirements, and can provide both custom solutions and mass production.

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Meerenakkerweg 30 , Eindhoven , 5652 AV Netherlands

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Air and Climate
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Internationally (various countries)

VDL Klima - Strength through cooperation

VDL Klima, part of VDL Groep, develops and manufactures ventilation systems and heat exchangers, for various applications.  

The company has designed and produced complete heat exchangers and fans for various industries since 1908. VDL Klima is active in the following market segments: 

Engineering and production 
In each sector, VDL Klima provides added value through smart, effective collaboration between engineering and production. The intensive co-operation between departments ensures installations to be delivered on time and in accordance with the most demanding quality standards. The custom systems perfectly match each customer's specifications and objectives. 

VDL Klima develops and produces all its products in-house. The installations are utilized in a large range of different applications. VDL Klima develops and delivers: 

VDL Klima employs 200 personnel. The company has locations in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Achel (Belgium) and sister companies in Lille (France) and Berlin (Germany).

VDL Klima was founded in 1908, when Willy Volker began making air heaters for textile industries and commercial markets. His son and successor transmitted the company, when he died in 1963, to his friend, Bishop Bekkers of the diocese of Den Bosch. Bishop Bekkers sold the shares to Wim van Doorne, board member of DAF and chairman of an Eindhoven-based social welfare foundation. 

Across the border 
In the late 1950s, in response to a labour shortage in the Netherlands, the decision was made to move the manufacturing activities to Belgium. In 1963, production of air grilles and valves began at the old train depot in Hamont-Achel. Two years prior to that the first foreign sales office was opened, in Brussels. During this period Klima developed industrial air heaters (water and steam), (oil-fired) air heaters, roof ventilators and air handling units. 

In 1985, Koen Lauteslager was appointed as general manager of Klima. He opened the sales office in Lille, France, in 1986 and sold the shares of the foundation in 1987. Changes were made to the product range, and the company shifted its focus to the industrial market. 

The partnership with Reinhard Delmas in Berlin began in 1989. In 1995 Klima purchased a 25% stake in the Delmas company. The KDL cooling element was a very successful joint development. Demand for this Klima Delmas Lamel among the industrial customers increased in such way that an external investor was needed. This led to the take-over of Klima with VDL Groep in 1998. Full ownership of Delmas followed in 2003. 

Technical manual 
During the seventies, Klima developed a manual to serve as a pocket reference for designers of heat transfer and air handling systems. Among professionals and students in the region this book became so well known that it was simply referred to as ‘the green book’. It became a standard at technical schools and a ‘must have’ reference source for everyone in the branch. To mark Klima's 80th jubilee the book was revised, updated with the latest scientific information and reissued.

VDL Klima is both specialized and versatile, with over a hundred years of experience developing and manufacturing heat exchangers and fans for many different branches and sectors. The combination of an in-house engineering department (2D and 3D graphics) and a large production capacity, guarantees customers rapid project turn-around times as well as high quality, price conscious, custom designed solutions with a high technical yield. 

Division of the VDL Groep 
VDL Klima is part of VDL Groep, which focuses on the development and production of semi-finished products, buses & coaches and other finished products involving metal, plastics and mechatronic systems. VDL Groep companies engage in a continuous exchange of knowledge, intensive collaboration and co-operative innovation. The company culture is best described by the collective VDL motto: ‘Strength through cooperation’ 

VDL Klima is a member of AspenTech. VDL Klima is also ISO 9001-2008, ISO 3834-2005 and PED 97/23/EC Module H1 certified.

VDL Klima supplies equipment to the electromechanical sector, where customers expect service life guarantees rather than just promises. The high level of specialist knowledge in our company strives for continuous improvement of our products and processes. 
To assure optimum quality of the finished product both the materials and the construction must meet the highest international quality standards. This is achieved through the use of the latest instruments, techniques and calculation programs.

VDL Klima is a member of HTRI, certified according to:

Strength calculations are performed in accordance with the following design codes:

  • AD Merkblätter
  • Stoomwezen
  • ASME VIII div.I
  • EN 13445

Inspections are performed by our quality department and certification bodies such as:

  • ABS
  • AIB
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Germanischer Lloyd
  • Lloyd's Register
  • RINA
  • TÜV

VDL Klima is certified for DNV class III.

VDL Klima is part of VDL Groep since 1998. VDL Groep is an international industrial company focused on the development, production and sale of semi-finished products, buses & coaches and other finished products and the assembly of cars. It is a conglomerate of flexible, independent companies, each with its own specialty. The strength of VDL Groep lies in the mutual cooperation between the companies.