Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia Water Technologies

We provide sustainable water solutions. Veolia Water Technologies specializes in water treatment solutions and provides the complete range of services required to design, build, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial clients and public authorities.

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L`Aquarène - 1, Place Montgolfier , Saint-Maurice , 94417 France
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

VWS Deutschland GmbH and its brands Berkefeld, ELGA and Krüger WABAG are part of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, an internationally leading company in water treatment.

The planning, engineering and manufacturing of drinking, process, and waste water treatment plants is our expertise. As a design & build company, and a specialized water treatment provider we develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of public authorities and industrial customers.

The headquarter of VWS Deutschland GmbH is located in Celle near Hanover. Our premises include the largest international manufacturing facility for water treatment systems of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, as well as a laboratory for water analyses.

Our professional competence is based on more than 115 years of experience with future-proof teatment processes and technologies, innovative system designs and reliable plant components. Our work is based on the highest quality standards - guaranteed by our DIN ISO 9001:2000 certificate. We offer high-quality on-site support for all of our technologies. In Germany alone, our extensive network has more than 80 sales and service specialists.

VWS Deutschland with its brands Berkefeld, ELGA and Krüger WABAG have implemented an effective quality management system certified based on the ISO 9001:2000 standards. The company's Environmental Management System is certified according to ISO 14001:2004. Furthermore, our Safety Management is in line with SCC** version 2006, which is documented by our certificate.

Wilhelm Berkefeld developed filter cartridges and created the first Berkefeld filters in porcelain finish, that were adapted for the filtration of drinking water, especially for the reduction of germs. This Berkefeld filter was successfully applied during the cholera epidemic in Hamburg in 1892, the year, when Wilhelm Berkefeld founded his company.

A comprehensive range of water treatment solutions

From the first activities which were concentrated on potable water, a complete programme of products, processes and equipment concepts for the whole range of water treatment were developed.

Engineering & production based in Celle

The company Berkefeld-Filter was family-owned until 1978 and became part of the SIHI group (Siemens & Hirsch) afterwards. Shortly after Berkefeld moved its headquarters to the current location at Lückenweg in Celle where its facilities include offices as well as production and storage buildings.

Part of the world-leader in water services

2004 Berkefeld became part of the Veolia Water Group, the world-leader in water services, and traded under the name ELGA Berkefeld GmbH. Together with Krüger WABAG, ELGA LabWater, RWO, Aquantis and Gütling the company forms the German arm of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, a world-wide leading provider of water treatment technology.

In Oktober 2009 the companies ELGA Berkefeld GmbH and Krüger WABAG GmbH merged and since then operate together unter the name of VWS Deutschland GmbH.

The Leading Water Treatment Technologies, from a Partner You Can Trust

Our portfolio of more than 350 technologies features everything from online diagnostic solutions to evaporation and crystallization, energy-producing sludge treatment, state-of-the-art desalination, laboratory-grade water and mobile water services.

One of our over 130 business units around the world is close to you to ensure you receive local service adapted to your culture and market needs.

Treating Water And Wastewater

We know how to reuse and recycle water and also extract maximum value. Our cutting-edge edge water treatment technologies:

  • Treat and reuse wastewater
  • Produce and recover energy
  • Extract raw materials
  • Create valuable byproducts

Our experts deliver the water treatment solutions that improve the quality of people’s lives in communities around the world. The performance of these installations depends on the creativity and commitment of our more than 9,000 employees.

Our sustainable approach in reducing carbon and water footprints limits the impact on the environment and on natural resources.

That is why industrial clients and communities trust us to ensure their safety and to meet the most stringent performance standards.

Key Figures

  • €2.0 billion revenue in 2016
  • Local presence with a worldwide network of experts and 130 local business units
  • Over 9,000 employees, of which 60% are researchers, engineers and project managers
  • Over 350 proprietary technologies

Major Subsidiaries

These specialist subsidiaries have specific expertise or are responsible for a geographical area.

Sidem (and its subsidiary Entropie) designs and builds large desalination plants for industrial and municipal needs.

Resourcing the world
Ensuring access to basic services, fair distribution of resources and conserving them for future generations are crucial challenges for our communities. Veolia works toward these goals every day by consistently monitoring our CSR initiatives and implementing sustainable solutions on behalf of our customers. Veolia’s CSR performance reflects this approach to continuous improvement throughout the world, which aims to meet the needs of all stakeholders both inside and outside the company. Our methodical approach to assessment and continuous improvement is backed by indicators measuring our performance in environmental issues, human resources, sustainable purchasing and access to basic services.

Societal Performance
Veolia develops deep roots in local communities through the services it provides and plays a direct part in people’s everyday lives. The company’s expertise and unique solutions improve access to basic services across a broad spectrum of countries and settings, meeting the needs of the public authorities that entrust it with their services.
The company provides efficient services that enhance regional appeal and competitiveness. The resulting social value is measured through societal reporting, the main indicators of which are explained in detail in the CSR Performance Digest.

Environmental Performance
Since 2002, Veolia has used an Environmental Management System (EMS) with some 100 indicators to measure and monitor the impact of its activities on the environment and public health in complete transparency. Protecting the environment is a priority for Veolia, which strives to design and deploy solutions that optimize the use of various resources and conserve them for future generations.

Social Performance
Veolia is integrated and committed to fully assuming its responsibilities as a corporate citizen and an employer of choice for its employees in the regions where it operates. Veolia’s committed managers set the example in corporate social responsibility for stakeholders inside the company.
Since 2001, the company has developed a range of indicators used worldwide, which it calculates using a unique tool for collecting human resources data. As a result, Veolia has an accurate view of the realities it faces and operational practices in human resources.

Sustainable Purchasing
In 2009, Veolia introduced performance indicators for sustainable purchasing, which cover the need to train buyers in sustainable development and ensure that suppliers take account of CSR-related issues. They provide a credible, reliable cornerstone of the company's sustainable purchasing policy.

Extra-Financial Rating
Veolia is evaluated on its governance, human resources management, environmental performance, sustainable purchasing and societal performance, through which it qualifies for inclusion in specialized stock-market indexe.