VibraScreener is a recognized industry leader in the development and service of industrial screening equipment. We engineered our products to be higher quality, more reliable and more cost-effective than any other sifter machine or related tool on the market today. We are committed to continually developing industrial sieves and vibrating screens that help you stay productive, keep operating costs low and downtime to a minimum, and maintain a safe working environment for all of your team members. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we have a network of sales and support staff working to better serve our clients around the world.

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1016 Montana Drive , Charlotte , NC 28216 USA

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Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration
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Globally (various continents)

Our Story

After working with other vibratory screeners and industrial sifters manufacturers we realized it was time for a change in the screening and separation industry. Bad results and dissatisfaction from screeners and vibratory sieves operators indicated the market was eager for a new future to improve their experiences with their separation equipment and their suppliers.

Some of the burdens we experienced discomforting screening machines operators were, difficult to operate and maintain sieving machines, over priced screeners and separators, old technologies, expense spare parts and a lack of support from the manufacturer. We also sadly witnessed how egos of employees of these suppliers were larger than their focus on the customers’ needs. VibraScreener is dedicated to change this pattern.

With this expertise and a depth knowledge of a wide range of customers’ applications we added fundamentals values to our products and our customers’ experience. We believe that a passion for excellence and attention to details is what creates the best products.

Trusted by everyone from global fortune 500 processing facilities to smaller, independent operators, our diverse product line ensures there is something for every business. You’ll find our vibrating screens and screening machines hard at work in food and beverage, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and a range of other applications. Keep reading to learn more about our flagship products or contact a sales representative to request a quote today.

In addition to sales, we also offer parts and service for both our own line of industrial screening equipment and products by other manufacturers. In everything we do, we are committed to Defining Quality with Technology — our company motto and a cornerstone of our business philosophy.

Our purpose to exist

As manufacturers of high quality round and rectangular screeners, vibratory sieves and gyratory sifters to improve the quality of our customers’ products, we are committed to dedicate our time and resources to truly satisfy our customers and understand their screening and separation process and their problems. We are in business to give more to our customers for their investment, while making sure they are completely satisfy with the service and products we proudly offer to our friends/clients.

In addition to our innovative vibratory screeners and rectangular separators we are devoted to understand each customer application and meet their needs by designing and manufacturing high quality and the most advanced screening and sieving machinery in the process equipment industry. Because we believe every product has a right price, we are also dedicated to develop and design cost effective technologies, eliminating unnecessary costs to ensure we deliver vibratory sieves,  rectangular screeners, gyratory sifters and round separators at a fair price for the product.

With this philosophy as the core of our business we are not only establishing VibraScreener as the leaders in screening and separation solutions, but as the prefer brand you trust and partner for your grading and sieving needs.

To learn more how our advanced products can improve your product quality and reputation, please contact us to start learning from one of our friendly and experienced screening and sieving specialists today.

The Mission

VibraScreener® foundation relies on changing the screening and separation process, to become more customer oriented by designing and developing the most cost effective advanced technologies for the benefit of our customers. Along with our revolutionary gyratory sifters and separators, our mission burns bright across the company to provide genuine reasons to be the obvious choice when selecting your vibratory sieves, industrial separators, round and rectangular screener supplier.

Headquarter in Charlotte, North Carolina with a 60,000 sq/ft production facility and a worldwide range of well trained agents and reps across the globe, VibraScreener is well positioned to be the perfect partner to solve your screening and separation needs providing solutions to improve your product quality and safeguard your company reputation with the most advanced technologies in the market.

If you would like to learn more how our advanced vibratory sieves and gyratory sifters technologies are changing industrial manufacturing, please contact us today to request more information from one of our friendly and experienced technical Engineers in your industry.

Our Vision

Just as our core philosophy, our vision is simple and straight forward: To be and to consolidate as the most trusted brand when in need of a reliable, high performance vibratory sieve, gyratory sifter, vibrating screen, rectangular screener or round separator in the process equipment industry.

Our Products

  • Dynamic Screener™
  • SaniDump Bag Dump Screener™
  • Ranger Separator™
  • Bison Separator ™
  • LX Solids Separator™
  • GyraSift™