Vinge is Sweden`s premier law firm. It’s not because we are the largest – it’s because we are ahead of the field. Breaking new ground has been our mantra since day one when we became the first law firm to offer advice in business law. We have extensive experience in working on the global market and our mandates are predominantly international. Today, we are a full-service firm with approximately 450 employees and one common goal: to be the client`s guide to business success.

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Nordstadstorget 6, Box 11025 , Göteborg , S-404 21 Sweden

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Law firm
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Globally (various continents)
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Vinge is Sweden’s leading, full-service business law firm with approximately 450 employees. We are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Helsingborg and also represented in Brussels and Shanghai, since we also handle a large number of international projects.

As the country’s premier law firm we pride ourselves on making a difference for our clients. We never encounter a problem without envisaging the solution. We take on all challenges – even those that are seemingly impossible – because it’s in our nature. It’s what binds our employees, offices and business areas together and helps deliver the expected results.

As business lawyers we devote as much attention to the business aspects of our clients’ operations as the legal aspects. We always work closely with clients and really get to prove our value and experience when we can roll up our sleeves and take an active role in the business.

Based on our deep understanding of intricate projects, extensive legal knowledge, lengthy experience, and an unrivalled spirit, which only occurs in a workplace where every individual is part lawyer and part entrepreneur, we lead you through the legal maze to a successful outcome.