Vivax-Metrotech Corporation

Vivax-Metrotech Corporation

Established more than forty years ago, Metrotech Corporation has been a leading provider of high-quality utility locating instrument solutions for underground utilities. Vivax was established in 2005 by a team experience in the design, manufacture and sale of utility locators in 2005. Together the combined companies` products are used by virtually every utility throughout the world. In 2006, Metrotech added water leak location products to their range.

Company details

3251 Olcott Street , Santa Clara , CA 95054 USA
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Industry Type:
Leak Detection
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

Over the course of 2009 - Metrotech and Vivax merged to form a single company, Vivax-Metrotech Corporation.

Vivax-Metrotech headquarters and worldwide marketing is located in Santa Clara, CA in the USA. Our engineering facilities are located in Santa Clara, Exeter in the United Kingdom and in Shanghai in the Peoples Republic of China. Our products are manufactured under ISO9001 standards.

Building on the brand recognition of the Metrotech name, and the expertise of Vivax - the combined company takes the best of both companies bringing together management, engineering, sales team and a worldwide network of distributors providing local support.

In a world where, 'the bottom line', seems to have replaced 'customer service'. Vivax-Metrotech is committed to work with its customers to bring to market innovative products that provide solutions at affordable prices and provide the best possible support for those products.

We are all committed to meet and exceed our customers' needs with prompt and professional service, providing top quality well engineered innovative products at competitive prices.

Design Criteria


  • All products will be engineered to be ergonomic, durable and easy to operate.

  • All products will be engineered to ensure long life.

  • All products will tested to withstand temperature extremes, shock and vibration and to assure proper operation in the environment it will be used in.

  • All products used in outdoor applications will meet a minimum of IP54 standard (basically weatherproof).

  • All camera heads and Sondes will be built to IP68 standard (submersible).

  • All products will adhere to the relevant domestic and international safety standards. 


  • All electronic systems are designed in accordance with the CE / FCC harmonized standards for electromagnetic compatibility. This includes:

  • Conducted RF emissions (where applicable): EN61000-6-4

  • Radiated emissions: EN61000-6-4

  • Electrostatic discharge: EN61000-4-2

  • Radiated RF immunity 80MHz to 1GHz

  • Fast transient and burst immunity (where applicable): EN61000-4-4

  • Surge immunity (where applicable): EN61000-4-5

  • Conducted RF immunity (where applicable): EN61000-4-6

  • Mains dips and interruptions (where applicable): EN61000-4-11

  • Power frequency magnetic field immunity: EN61000-4-8

  • Harmonics (where applicable): EN61000-3-2

  • Flicker (where applicable): EN61000-3-3

  • All electrical systems and PCBs are designed with full awareness of Voltage creepage distances and clearance requirements. EN60950. The normal assumption for products is a pollution degree 2 – that is normally only non-conductive pollution, but temporary conduction caused by condensation may be expected.

  • All electronic systems are designed to ensure they can be tested and calibrated with the highest possible integrity. In particular electronic systems are modular in concept allowing sub-system testing to take place. Where applicable, built-in tests and automatic self-tests are deployed.

  • Electronic systems are designed for minimum power consumption and maximum battery life.

  • Battery powered products are designed to operate with alkaline cells and (where applicable) re-chargeable options, typically NiMH and Lithium Ion.

  • Power systems are designed to be protected from under voltage lockout.

  • All systems using PC based software, or embedded applications, are configurationally controlled and can display the applicable revision number via the user interface.

  • Embedded software applications have independent watchdog controllers and recover gracefully from error conditions.

  • PC based software is designed to operate under the current Windows operating system and its predecessor at any given time. 

  • Systems which require a factory calibration are traceable to international standards for MKS units. Where possible calibration parameters are cast as dimensionless ratios, therefore eliminating instrumentation errors.

Quality Statement

Vivax-Metrotech is committed to meet and exceed our customers' needs with prompt, professional service, providing quality, innovative products at competitive prices.