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    Cable Granulators

  • MG - Model 150T - Cable Granulator

    MG - Model 150T - Cable Granulator

    The MG150T Cable Granulator is a complete system for copper and aluminum recovery from electric cables and other waste materials. The system is capable of recovering up to 99.9% pure clean copper, after the grinding and pulverization process  the material falls on to a vibrating air separation table where the copper is separated from the outer plastic covering.

  • MG - Monster Turbo granulator

    MG - Monster Turbo granulator

    The Monster Turbo granulator can process 60-80kg per hour. It is a compact plant assembled with a blade mill for chopping the cables and an air separation system on a vibrating bed to produce clean copper granules. For car looms we recommend using the granulator with a pre shedder.

  • MG - Model MG 150 - Granulator

    MG - Model MG 150 - Granulator

    The MG 150 is  the smallest complete system of  MG series for the recycling of copper and aluminium, radiators and electronic board. The  new  blade configuration of  GR  300  granulator, results in higher production rates at  less cost, longer life, lower maintenance and a reduced need for spare parts. Additionally, the door is sound proofed to reduce noise, plus the cutting chamber is equipped with anti-wear...

  • MG - Cable Pre Shredder

    MG - Cable Pre Shredder

    Car wiring looms or harnesses are wrapped in sticky tape which tends to clog the blades of the granulation system. Trials have shown that if you pre shred the cables and leave them for 24 hours before granulating the wiring harnesses are easily separated into clean bright granules of copper.