Vortox Air Technology, Inc.

Vortox Air Technology, Inc.

We are an American manufacturer who offers satisfying solutions to air filtration needs in a variety of international industries. We manufacture a comprehensive line of air cleaners and separators for internal combustion engines and compressors for the core industries of: trucking, alternate fuel, oil field, truck blower, industrial, compressor, stationary power, irrigation, marine and power transmission. Serving a wide variety of global industries through an expansive range of applications has been a challenge we have met with our extensive line of air cleaners which include: oil bath, on-highway and industrial-use, in addition to replaceable filter cartridge air cleaners and air/oil separators; complemented by our accessory line of air filtration products such as inlet caps, breather caps, and band brackets. We also offer design ability to answer unique low and high-demand requests to assure our customers a quality solution for every application.

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121 S. Indian Hill Blvd , Claremont , CA 91711 USA
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Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)

What We Believe
Quality is not regulated by price. We believe the solution to your needs lies in more than the product itself. Our customer satisfaction is measured in solutions that offer function, aesthetics, and durability. By reaching above the standard and exceeding expectations, our customers retain satisfaction with our work and products.

We believe the manufacturing of products is a personal business. Our purpose is to answer your personal need. Our relationship begins with people and ends with product and customer satisfaction, and involves each employee and every product we produce. Our goal is to maintain the same standard of excellence our products have always had, despite the trend to base product value on volume of numbers instead of quality. We share a hands-on, company-wide commitment to uphold the known reputation of our quality in function, style, and performance. Every product we manufacture is true to the expectations of our customers.

In our ongoing commitment to deliver customer satisfaction and quality, we offer personalized customer service for every product we manufacture. At Vortox Air Technology, Inc. we understand the value of speaking with a knowledgeable representative, and the importance of defining the correct product application. Whatever the need is, highly polished on-highway truck or discreet industrial applications, we are here for you.

What We Offer
Our commitment to quality measures consistent in expertise and dedication; from traditional designs to unique, newly developed products in the industries we serve.

Our full engineering and design resources can offer new solutions to old problems without pre-formulated limitations. Beginning with a core technology of deep draw metal forming, we balance our existing air cleaner solutions with innovative design potential to provide the customer with quality solutions regardless of order size or application type. Not exclusive to high volume needs, our all encompassing, in-house engineering has complete testing facilities and on-site tool and die support. We strive to serve our customer’s needs by offering contract manufacturing and private labeling for many other products that extend beyond our catalog listing.

Our history is short but long and rich, embedded in a culture and philosophy that dates back to 1918. The founder, H.H. Garner, formed Pomona Air Cleaner located in Pomona, California. He started out small and local; initially manufacturing air cleaners for agricultural equipment used in the citrus ranching industry in the Inland Valley. By 1922, demand grew for cleaner intake systems and the company built and produced the first oil bath air cleaner for a tractor engine. This air cleaner incorporated a “vortex” action (swirling action of air) into its design. Not only did the vortex action prove to be one of the main design principles of air cleaners we know today but also provided the basis of the company’s future name. In 1924, the “e’ in the word vortex was changed to an “o” and Vortox Manufacturing Company was started. Growth continued and the company moved to our present location in Claremont, California in 1928.

Times were tough following the stock market crash of Wall Street in October of 1929 but by the late ‘30’s, the economy began to improve. By the onset of WWII and throughout the Korean Conflict, as one of the principle designers of oil bath air cleaners used on tanks and armored personnel carriers, Vortox Company was working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support the war effort. Since the 1950’s, Vortox Company has participated with others in the industry to establish the basic specifications of all air filtration devices used globally on automotive, industrial, agricultural and military applications today.

1981 brought the passing of H.H. Garner and management of the company was led by his son, T.H. Garner. In 1985, Vortox Company designed and developed the integrated cap and screen polished stainless steel air cleaner seen today on cowl-mounted class 8 trucks. Vortox Company continued to serve many industries: oil, automotive, trucking, alternate fuel, electromotive, agriculture, industrial and defense. Through a unique blend of product diversification, Vortox Company has been able to serve these industries in many capacities.

By January of 2010, a new era was born with the formation of Vortox Air Technology, Inc. through the purchase of the manufacturing assets of Vortox Company by a former employee. With 35 years of manufacturing experience, the President has served more than 20 years with the former Vortox Company in Engineering, Manufacturing and General Management capacities. Today, as Vortox Air Technology, Inc., we continue to produce a complete line of oil bath and dry type air cleaners, truck blower air cleaners, separators and accessories ranging from 4 ½” to 18” diameter and capacity ratings of 45 to 1800 CFM to original equipment manufacturing and additional distributors internationally.