VUEWorks, Inc.

VUEWorks, Inc.

VUEWorks, Inc.

VUEWorks software is an affordable, web-enabled Integrated GIS, Enterprise Asset Management solution. Our software was designed for use by State and Local governments, utilities, corporations, schools, theme parks, and other organizations that need to track the condition, minimize failure risk, and optimize expenditures and service delivery of their physical assets.

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3680 Avalon Park Blvd. E., Suite 200 , Orlando , FL 32828 USA
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Software vendor
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Soil and Groundwater
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Internationally (various countries)

People use VUEWorks in a variety of ways in different industries to manage all types of assets including underground pipes, pavement, bridges, signs, treatment plants, stations, buildings and more. Some use the software for simple map viewing and easy access to linked documents while others have connected it up to their payroll system so all workers can submit their time through VUEWorks. Many use the asset management modules to rate condition, track value, prioritize improvements, cost out projects, and budget for the future with decay curves. It’s designed for the enterprise but built so anyone can use it in a variety of ways.

VUEWorks is supported by a team of professional engineers, work management experts, developers and support specialists who are dedicated to supporting the VUEWorks community of customers and partners. In 2012 we are expanding our support team and adding a new customer portal so our community of users can share their experiences with others.

At VUEWorks we follow a few simple guidelines to make your experience with the software and with the VUEWorks team productive and enjoyable.
Provide quality work and asset management software: VUEWorks is dedicated to delivering cost saving value that is a pleasure to use and grounded in industry best practices for work and asset management.
Provide responsive support and services: We are driven to see our users achieve the most with their software investment.
Stay current with industry and technological trends: VUEWorks is committed to staying current in the practice of work and asset management in the industries we serve as well as staying current in the technologies we use to build and support the product.
Listen and learn from customers: The software would not be what it is today without input from the VUEWorks community as they are always sparking new ideas and improvements for future versions.


VUEWorks provides tight integration between Esri GIS and Asset Management to deliver a powerful tool for municipal, county and state transportation departments for managing pavement, signs, signals, bridges, and all other types of transportation assets.  Whether it’s scheduling work related resources, preventive maintenance or performing d-curve based pavement analysis VUEWorks provides a complete and total solution.  Ask us about our upcoming GIS integrated LRS features.

From distribution and collection systems to inside the treatment plant VUEWorks integrates a powerful facilities manager with GIS to provide all the tools required for water and wastewater utilities.  With VUEWorks you can easily connect to your PACP inspections and use the data to prioritize o&m and capital expenditures to cost effectively maintain the level of service your systems were designed for.    You can also connect it to SCADA to generate emergency or predictive work orders based on run time or other data.  Ask us about our upcoming mobile phone work order solutions.

Local Government
Counties and municipalities from all over use VUEWorks as a scalable enterprise system to connect departments and get work done. One of our most popular modules for local governments of all sizes is our 311 style Service Request module as it helps local government be more responsive to the constituents they serve.  DPWs, Streets, Storm water, Sewer, Water, Electric, Parks and Rec, Safety, Planning, Fire, IT and more departments have all found uses for VUEWorks to help them communicate more effectively and get work done more efficiently.  Ask us about our upcoming mobile phone solution for citizen requests.

Theme Parks
Perhaps there is no better example when it comes to reducing risk by prioritizing work at the right time at the right place than at a theme park.  Theme parks are like small cities with some very unique characteristics and just like so many other users theme park managers find Vueworks an easy and logical way to manage assets of all types, within buildings and outside.  Contact us today to see how VUEWorks can help you manage your theme park.

VUEWorks GIS integration allows users to select a building on the GIS map and then drill down into it to track work activities and prioritize capital expenditures using a consistent interface.  The same basic tools can be used for campus utilities and assets located within buildings.  Campus facility managers can use it to summarize\assign activity across multiple building or a single facility.  Contact us today to see how GIS integrated work and asset management can help you manage your campus more cost effectively.

If you are in the energy business you should contact us.  Whether managing pipelines, transmission lines, plants, storage tanks, sub-stations, turbines inside buildings or across the country, VUEWorks can be put to work to keep your systems running reliably and cost effectively at less cost than our competitors.

VUEWorks is a web-based work and asset management solution developed to help local governments, utilities, corporations, schools, theme parks, and other organizations take in service requests, manage work, track condition, minimize risk, optimize budgets, and estimate project costs. The software is currently used across different industries to manage practically any type of assets from roofs to buildings to pavement, to water, storm, and sewer networks.

Unlike other software that claim Asset Management, VUEWorks offers true strategic Asset Management features including risk based prioritization to help your organization optimize both O&M and capital expenditures. With VUEWorks you can utilize risk data as the foundation for your reliability centered maintenance strategy and/or your capital budget planning forecast.

Easy to deploy since it works entirely in a web browser from our cloud based servers or your own server(s) with no desktop installation required
Seamlessly integrates with ArcGIS Server so that your organization can access all asset features and attribute information in your GIS with a simple point and click without complicated synchronization routines
Built for the enterprise but scalable for any size organization or department for managing practically any asset type
Easily link service requests and work orders to assets and view them on the map
Set up a work flow strategy that incorporates everything from the initial request to work order closing with all the appropriate notifications throughout the process
Complete work management features that support any type of maintenance strategy including routine, corrective, preventive and predictive
Capture employee time and create a two way communication strategy with your financial system using our web service APIs
Set up work order forms and terminology to follow your work flow with simple to use administration tools
Includes a powerful facility module to manage assets in buildings, plants, stations and more in a hierarchical structure
Highly configurable condition module allows you to set up different condition forms and methods for different types of assets and then track condition over time
Integrate the data from your PACP/MACP inspection software and use it as part of the risk model for prioritizing O&M and capital expenditures
Use the pavement pack for ASTM pavement inspections or configure the condition module to follow your own pavement inspection methods
Use consequences of failure and failure probabilities to determine risk for prioritizing assets for inspections, RCM, and capital budget planning as part of your strategic asset management plan
Use the decay curves in the Budget Forecast module or import your own for setting up annual budgets for any type of asset from pavement to underground pipes
And more!