Water Management, Inc. (WMI)

Water Management Inc. offers products, services and water solutions that increase water efficiency and create water savings for thousands of customers worldwide. Our company operates from multiple offices in majors US cities, giving us the expertise and insight that it takes to develop and deliver location specific water solutions. Water Management Inc. has been involved in thousands of water projects utilizing the best efficient technologies to support companies in a variety of market sectors.

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117 Clermont Avenue , Alexandria , Virginia 22304 USA

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Service provider
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Water Management, Inc. began as Technology Distributors, Inc. (TDI), in Arlington, Virginia, on October 23, 1980. Initially a distributor of several water and energy conservation products, at a customer's request TDI installed toilet valves throughout an apartment complex in Washington, DC.

In 1986, TDI applied the concept of 'shared savings' to their water efficiency programs. TDI would underwrite all costs associated with implementing a water efficiency program, in exchange for a share of the savings generated as a result of the program. The large initial investment needed to fund each shared savings project limited TDI's capacity to expand the service rapidly, but the shared savings program led to steady growth, reliable streams of revenue, and increasingly satisfied customers.

In April 1991, TDI moved to a new location in Alexandria, Virginia, and officially began using the name Water Management, Inc (WMI). In April 1992, a new office wing was opened which included a training center and research facility. Over the next few years WMI expanded considerably in the multi-unit family industry. In 1997, WMI began providing services to the public housing sector and during that same year WMI opened a satellite office in Nashville, Tennessee. In March of 1998 WMI moved to a larger Alexandria office in order to accommodate the growth of the business. By the end of the century WMI had moved into other sectors including energy service companies, military bases, schools and office buildings.

In December 2001, the Virginia Beach office was established, and in February 2002 WMI acquired the Water Management Services division of Wellspring International. Water Management Services had been a competitor since its inception in 1996.

As we continue to grow, we have added to our knowledge and capabilities in the Multi-Family, Public Housing, and Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors. We have entered into the consulting and engineered solutions market, while continuing to focus on quality services for our clients.

In February 2008, WMI acquired Hydro-Logix, an innovative irrigation company based in Jessup, MD, that focuses on sustainable solutions. This expansion initiative brings the opportunity to better support customers with water conservation needs in this sector and allows WMI to keep expanding its portfolio.

  • October 1980 – Technology Distributors, Inc. (TDI) began
  • April 1991 – Name changed to Water Management, Inc.
  • April 1997 – Nashville Office opens
  • March 1998 – Moved to larger office/warehouse in Alexandria
  • January 2000 – Moved to larger Nashville office
  • February 2002 – WMS/Wellspring San Diego office acquired
  • February 2008 – Irrigation services offered
  • October 2010 – Fort Worth, TX office opens
  • March 2011 – WMI adds steam services
  • July 2013 – Steam Management starts up as separate company

Our first product was actually a medical device – “The TDI Regulatory Guard”.  The product was a great idea but did not work as advertised so we returned everyone’s money.

After six months my brother and I were pretty much broke so we began selling energy and water saving products. 

By 1983 we had a total of $300 in our company’s checking account.  We called a meeting with our parents.  We presented our story.  Once we finished Mom stood up and said:   “Boys – I have some advice for you, why don’t you just go get a real job”.  With that mom walked out. 

Dad stayed behind and made us write a business plan.  The next morning Dad reviewed our plans and helped us to realize that we were all over the place – we had too many ideas. He told us we had to pick just one idea and that we had to set a revenue benchmark for the year.  So we picked fixing toilets with a minimum benchmark of $100,000 in revenue.

They left on Friday morning.  Ten minutes after they left, our phone started ringing.  It was like a miracle.  We had forgotten that months earlier we had sent a circular to a Kay Keating a journalist for our local newspaper about a service we provided – “Toilet Tune-ups for $25”.  Kay had published this information in her FixiTips column.  Kay is also the owner of the web site www.toiletology.com

Water Management is committed to recruiting, training and retaining a highly skilled, professional and motivated workforce. We strive to create a fun and inspirational environment where our dedicated employees can help Water Management be the most recognized, most successful, and most respected water management company in the world.

We are not hiring at this time, but if you are interested in applying for a future opening, please follow the links below.

If you are applying for a position in our Operations Department for field work such as Service Technician, Installer, Project Superintendent, please follow this link:Operations Application 

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Water Management offers competitive salary and benefit programs. The following benefits are available to full-time employees after their introductory period.

  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Disability, Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance
  • Paid Personal Leave and Holidays
  • Annual Educational Allowance
  • 401(k) (retirement) match
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Supplemented career apparel for field technicians
  • Transportation benefits for transit expenses for employees in the DC Metro area
  • Discount program for plumbing supplies