Water Regime (pvt) Limited

Industrial Applications Oil and Gas The Oil and Gas industry demand high degree of operational reliability, quality and performance. Water regime have a team of professionals that focuses exclusively on your business. Food and Beverages The water quality requirements are very strict in food and beverage industry, especially when the water could come in direct contact with food. A lot of processes require water with a high quality and pureness. Textile The textile industry is very water intensive and consumes large amounts of water in its varied processing operations like scouring, desizing, bleaching, dying and printing, finishing. Automotive Major water uses in the automotive manufacturing industry includes: surface treatment and coating, paint spray booths, washing/rinsing, cooling, air conditioning systems and boilers. Pharmaceuticals Water Regime has the understanding and knowledge of Pharmaceutical processes and can deliver optimum filtration solutions to the Pharmaceut

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Water and Wastewater - Chemical Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)