Water Tech, Inc.

Water Tech, Inc.

Water Tech, Inc. was founded over a decade ago to specifically meet the needs of the domestic food processing industry. While remaining strongly committed to our core market, we have expanded our vision of knowledgeable consultation, rapid customer response and unequaled product quality to a wide range of industries in North America.

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7215 Hwy. 271 , South Fort Smith , Arkansas 72908 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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What We Do...

Water Tech, Inc. provides full service analytical and technical support for a variety of chemical, biological and mechanical solutions for:

  • Boiler and Cooling Water
  • Processing Water
  • Odor Control
  • Wastewater Treatment Programs
  • Potable Water
  • Pulp and Paper Process
  • Oil Field

Equipment Rental

  • Disolved Air Flotation Units
  • Chemical Mix and Feed Systems
  • Process and Chemical Feed Pumps

How We Can Help You...

As a privately owned company, we have the flexibility to immediately react to our client/customers needs. Our headquarters and main warehouse are located in Ft. Smith, AR, near the geographical center of the United States. Water Tech, Inc. can dispatch products and equipment immediately anywhere in the U.S. and abroad.

Water Tech, Inc. not only provides knowledgeable and experienced client/customer representatives for on-site testing and trouble shooting, but a variety of specialty chemical products, such as the following: coagulants, flocculants, dewatering & thicken aids, antifoam/defoamers, bacteria & bacterial additives, scale inhibitors, corrosion control agents, phosphorus removal compounds and odor control programs.

Water Tech, Inc. provides full service analytical and technical support for a variety of chemical, biological and mechanical solutions for Boiler and Cooling, Potable Water, Processing Water, Odor Control, and Wastewater Treatment Programs. Our Equipment Division can provide all necessary feed and control equipment as well as installation as appropriate. We were founded in January 1990 by Ken Farris in Fort Smith, Arkansas and have a customer base focused in Midwestern and South Eastern States as part of an overall North America growth strategy We are a solutions-oriented company that invests time with our customers to fully understand their water quality and the chemical, environmental, and mechanical challenges they face. Our experience in the industry provides the backbone to apply cost effective solutions to keep our customers in compliance. This dedication to reducing total cost of operation and maintaining compliance has driven over a decade of positive sales growth and investment in the business.

The investment is focused on improving our ability to reduce product cost, increase service and improve product and equipment distribution. We now have 5,400 square feet of administrative office space for our customer service team and 52,000 square feet of dedicated warehouse space, certified truck scales, rail service, dry box and dedicated bulk tanker deliveries, DAF rental, and multiple 26,000 gallon bulk tanks.

Our core business is the domestic food processing industry but customer demand has enabled our expansion into a wide range of industries in North America.

  • Food Processing
  • Chicken & Turkey
  • Beef & Pork
  • Further Processing
  • Municiple
  • Wastewater
  • Potable
  • Power Generating Utilities
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Institutional

Water Tech, Inc. commits itself as a company, to provide knowledgeable and timely consultation for the management and application of the water and wastewater treatment program at your company’s treatment location. You can count on Water Tech, Inc. to…

  • Produce treated water from any pretreatment, secondary or complete treatment unit with the lowest possible contaminant levels you select.
  • Produce sludge from the mechanical equipment that is high in solids content but low in volume.
  • Provide reliable chemical mixing and feed equipment options that are operationally friendly, built from high quality components and easily maintained.
  • Use the least amount of chemicals possible to achieve these goals set by you, our valued customer.
  • Provide the onsite service required to ensure all products and equipment provided meet or exceed expectations, supported by our 100% guarantee.

Water Tech, Inc. is centrally located in Fort Smith, Arkansas and focused on a North America growth strategy with emphasis on the Midwestern and Southern states. Our reputation is built upon a very proactive approach to Customer Service and the ability to react quickly to changing conditions that may impact our treatment programs. We are always interested in meeting new people that take a great deal of pride in their career choice and ability to exceed expectations, regardless of their background or experience.

Water Tech, Inc. recognizes the environmental impact water treatment programs and the waste produced in the water treatment industry can have for our customers. We make every effort to be a good steward with four key initiatives that describe our commitment to provide environmentally responsible and economically profitable water treatment solutions.

  • Commitment to provide environmentally friendly and less hazardous chemistry options including biodegradable, non-toxic, and naturally derived products
  • Partnership with manufacturers that use renewable raw materials whenever possible and employ manufacturing processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances
  • Actively participate in our customers green initiatives to reduce the impact their business has on the environment
  • Help our customers operate more sustainably, increasing their energy efficiencies, by-product reduction/recovery, and water recovery/re-use