Water & Wastewater Equipment Company (WWE)

Water & Wastewater Equipment Company (WWE)

Water and Wastewater Equipment Company has been providing efficient, cost-effective and compliant solutions to water and wastewater treatment applications for over 30 years. Our technical analysts and designers are experienced in every phase of fabrication and installation. Whether you require upgrades for an existing wastewater treatment system, are looking for design, build, and installation expertise, require a piece of equipment such as a clarifier or filter press, or want help understanding compliance issues, we can help. Our Water/Wastewater Treatment Systems are used to treat millions of gallons of water daily. WWE services numerous industries throughout all areas in North America. However, if you are involved with overseas facilities, talk to us about water treatment regulations since we have designed for plants around the world.

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837 East 79th St. , Cleveland , Ohio 44103 USA
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Water & Wastewater Equipment is a proven leader in the Water and Wastewater treatment field.  As a 35-year-old Water treatment Company, located in the Cleveland, Ohio area we strive to provide the right equipment and parts for cost effective solutions.  The fact is that 75% of our work comes from companies that used us in the past.

Our design engineers, and experience hands on sales team, can help your Company find an advance solution for all of your unique water treatment compliance needs.  We can help determine if your treatment system’s needs “tweaking “instead of replacement.  WWE provides the practical economical answer. We even have refurbished equipment that will work within your budget.

The first step in helping you is to visit your site to determine what separates your system’s needs for anyone else’s. Do you need a subtle but critical variation in chemical treatment? Is oil separation essential?  Will a batch treatment really work? Where does clarification, ultrafiltration, or evaporation fit into the picture? You get the picture.

WWE’s equipment lineup includes equipment and products for both clean water and wastewater.  Our systems include but of course are not limited to, custom microfiltration systems, various sized filter presses, rolled steel, Stainless steel and plastic incline clarifiers, dealkalizers and Reverse Osmosis systems, along with a variety of spare parts and accessories.