Wellco Industries, Inc.

Wellco offers a vast array of products, centered on fiberglass profiles, where fiberglass has in many cases proved to be the ideal material suited to fulfill the technical, environmental and economic requirements of cooling tower applications. Wellco industries is specialized in the creation and promotion the usage of new technology and material, especially the application of construction, electricity and landscape. We provide an extensive range of advanced design and new technology produced products for the constructors, electricity distributors, and also the landscape designers. Also we can do the custom solution and production for a wide range of clients.

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1495, Vista Technology Center , Vista , 92081 California USA

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Construction & Construction Materials
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Globally (various continents)

Wellco Industries, Inc., a global group company, holding three divisons and its own manufactory, has served North America for nearly 20 years. In the process of long-term business, Wellco always upholds the mission of growing with customers. Wellco Landscape Division brings out its unique designed landscape products with new composite material. Wellco Electricity Division offers a full line of products for electrical underground distribution project, electrical over head distribution project and telecommunication construction project. Wellco Construction Division combines seasoned material engineers, professional mechanical engineers, industrious workers and advanced production technology. Wellco Industries,Inc. shares its idea and capability, and works hard to find out the most sustainable solution.

We provide the products and service mainly to North American (USA, Canada) and also certain countries of South American.

Now the products and service we provided:

Architecture products for home beauty and construction:

  • Patio cover/ carport
  • Fence and Planter
  • Column
  • Carport

Electricity cable protection system and distribute affiliated products

  • pole riser guard/cable guard
  • conduit
  • cable tray/ cable ladder
  • cross arm
  • lighting pole
  • conduit rod
  • reinforced core for optical core

High Strength and super performance profiles and part for public and utility constructions

  • Rebar
  • Decking
  • Railing
  • Waste water treatment system
  • Cooling tower parts

For our products, we well combined the new production technique and the material, then they can be more widely used and can instead the traditional material such as wood, pvc and steel well.