Wikers Filipstad AB

Steel Mechanical company. Formed in the mid 1960`s as the Lego company in sheet metal component manufacturing. Directed towards the construction, machinery manufacturing, construction and steel industries. A dominant production is Tank and Cistern manufacturing. Marina, Bymackar, Custody Tanks and IBC tanks. Licensed to Swedac and SP. Tube production in large diamter bends , crowns , etc. Specific tube bends . Crusher benches and wood supports.

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Karlstadsvägen 15 , Filipstad , 682 33 Sweden

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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Diesel tanks up to 650 liters capacity, are easy to carry as pick-up trucks are common throughout entrepreneurial ranks. Designed for maximum performance, saving time and theft insurance. All major units of the ADR / IBC tanks follow the same guidelines.

Static tanks up to. 50m3 environmentally friendly 'Bymack' 2-compartment tanks. Pumps and card systems. Our products are certified under current regulations. Regulator is Swedac and SP.

Another activity of the company is to mercenary. of products according to customer specifications, using our precision machinery.