WiLDCOAST protects and preserves coastal ecosystems and wildlife in the Californias and Latin America by building grassroots support, conducting media campaigns and establishing protected areas. Our Programs: CLEAN WATER NOW! The Tijuana River pollution is a multidimensional problem impacting public health, environment and economy of the San Diego-Tijuana border communities. The Tijuana River watershed is 1,739 square-miles, with 1/4 in the U.S. and 3/4 in Mexico. During rains, trash and wastewater in Tijuana enter the river and flow to San Diego and ultimately into the ocean. WiLDCOAST wants to break legal barriers for actual cooperation in the border region. DEFIENDE EL MAR. Being aware of the many dangers that threat our oceans in the face of overfishing, pollution and the extinction of marine species we are helping to creat Marine Protected Areas.

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925 Seacoast Drive , Imperial Beach , California 91932 USA

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Non-governmental organization (NGO)
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Environmental - Ecology and Nature Protection
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Internationally (various countries)