Yamit Filtration

Yamit Filtration

Manufacturing high quality water filtration and water treatment for the past 30 years, YAMIT’S filters are installed and operating in thousands of locations worldwide, filtering surface and underground water, seawater and wastewater in the most challenging environments such as seawater desalination plants, petrochemical plants, oil drilling platforms, coal mines, steel mills and municipal drinking and wastewater treatment plants, and irrigation among others.

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Tnuvot Industrial Area, Nirim 1 , Tnuvot , 42830 Israel
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Filtration and Separation
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Filtration Solutions
Yamit's filtration solutions are designed to serve the various Industrial, Municipal and agricultural water applications in a wide range of market segments. Yamit filters protect the systems by removing solids that may clog the water passages or that contaminate the water and reduce its quality. The filtration technologies selected cover the entire needs of these specific market segments. Our media, screen, and sand separation technologies are designed specifically to suit the protected equipment as well as the water sources - rivers, reservoirs, canals, wells, treated waste water, each with its own challenges.

Operational Capabilities
With two manufacturing plants, 200 employees worldwide, and an expert technical team, YAMIT Filtration has been serving engineering firms, large industrial corporations and local governments around the world providing reliable, efficient, and optimized filtration solutions.

Our Strengths
Being a manufacturer with a high level engineering foundation, we are able to offer:

  • An advanced and wide range of structural materials.
  • From very coarse to very fine filtration grades
  • Quick response and flexibility in product and system design
  • Customized design and production as per customer’s specific requirements.
  • Fast and on-time delivery