Z3 Controls Inc.

Z3 Controls Inc.

Z3 Controls develops and manufactures user friendly products that allow commercial/industrial energy consumers to energy consumption. energy consumption. The Z3 NetMeter family of products provides industrial/commercial energy consumers with real-time energy information. This data is presented in an intuitive, vibrant format on any device with a web browser including smart phones, tablets, laptop/desktop computers, and more. Z3 Controls, we believe that energy management should be easy and affordable for everyone! We are passionate about optimizing energy use by employing innovative user-friendly technology. Conservation: good for business, good for the environment. We believe that commercial and industrial energy consumers who embrace conservation become more competitive due to lower input costs. Conservation is good environmental stewardship and increasingly important for corporate financial success.

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4261-A14, Unit 290 Hwy 7 East , Markham , Ontario L3R 9W6 Canada

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Energy - Energy Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our founders are veterans of high-tech industries that have seen an exponential growth in technology: semiconductors, communication, computing, and automotive. Consequently, our NetMeter family of products offer a fresh approach to energy monitoring and management that utilize some of the best practices that have made technologies like the smart phone and the Internet so successful and transformative. 

Z3 NetMeters offer the lowest ownership costs of any energy monitoring solution:

  • Easy to install, often with no shutdown required
  • Easy set-up: no more difficult than setting up a home network
  • No ongoing fees or maintenance costs
  • Does not require a BAS or SCADA system (but will interoperate well with them)

Our customers are often surprised at how easy and convenient it is to monitor electricity, gas, air, steam, water, and more using our NetMeter products.

For novices, it's best to get started with only 1 or 2 NetMeters, then add more as required as the results accrue.