We specialize in the design, build and operation of environmentally responsible water treatment and air purification systems.

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310G Ed Wright Lane , Newport News , VA 23606 USA

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Air and Climate - Indoor Air
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Globally (various continents)
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Zentox Corporation's mission is to provide advanced water and air purification solutions to its customers in industrial, commercial and consumer markets.

In industrial and commercial water treatment, the company is focused on treatment of process and wastewater, water reuse and pathogen reduction products and services. In 1996, Zentox acquired International Technology Corporation's NEPCCO Equipment Division which designed and built 'pump and treat' ground water remediation systems. NEPCCO grew to a customer base of over 700 remediation systems installed nationwide before it was sold. Zentox subsequently acquired Eastern Water Services, Inc. in order to expand into the industrial market with ozone-based water treatment systems for the non-chemical treatment of water in evaporative cooling towers. Water reuse systems were then developed for the food processing industry as well as a series of pathogen control technologies that are applied through in-plant water systems utilized for pathogen control and sanitation. Today, Zentox is actively involved in wastewater treatment, water reuse, pathogen control and ozone water treatment systems for a variety of industrial applications. Customers include food processing companies, schools, hospitals, commercial real estate companies, U.S. Government agencies and electric utilities.

For the treatment of indoor air, Zentox has developed the Photox advanced air purification system which utilizes a patented process based on UV light and a unique catalyst to destroy viruses, bacteria and a wide range of contaminants and organic compounds present in indoor air.

Air purification systems utilizing the Photox technology are currently being used in numerous settings including medical institutions, schools, day care centers, nursing homes, offices and private homes.

The Photox air purification system is designed to remove viruses, bacteria, unpleasant odors and other contaminants from indoor air. It is safe to use, as it does not emit any harmful products or ozone. All destruction of contaminants occurs inside the unit. The unit is portable and can be easily moved from one room to another and requires minimal annual maintenance.