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Since 2011 European Zero Waste groups have collaborating on a voluntary basis organising events, and building off of the work done by the European members of the GAIA network. Zero Waste Europe was created to empower communities to rethink their relationship with resources. Despite holding many events and working with dozens of groups until 2013 we were organised on an entirely informal basis. This changed when we formally registered as a foundation in the Netherlands in December 2013, and 2014 marked our first year of official operations. This leap forwards was the result of many years of organising with the support of members from the network, the contributions of our first donors and Board as well as everyone who has supported the zero waste community in Europe.

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Nieuwe Keizersgracht 45 , Amsterdam , 1018 VC Netherlands

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Event organizer
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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)
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In a growing number of regions, local groups of individuals, businesses and city officials are taking significant steps towards eliminating waste in our society. Zero Waste Europe engages these groups at two levels:

  • Supporting local groups with independent knowledge and streamlined tools to drive change more efficiently,
  • Structuring the movement internationally to better represent the interests of our communities at the EU level and engage policy makers with a unified voice.

We are both a knowledge network and an advocacy group, representing active communities in countries across the EU.

We want to re-design our society so that all superfluous waste is eliminated and everything that is produced can be re-used, repaired, composted or recycled back into the system. Anything that can’t be repaired, composted or recycled should be re-designed and replaced or banned from entering the market.

Funding & Governance

To achieve a zero waste Europe, we rely on funding from a wide range of sources and are continuously looking to raise funds to further increase the effectiveness and scope of our work.

In 2014 our major donors included the Adessium Foundation and GAIA, as well as contributions from members and support from other charitable foundations.

In 2015 we received funding from the EU LIFE program, and continued to benefit from essential support from the Adessium Foundation, GAIA and other donors.

We are committed to full transparency and will be publishing our annual report including audited financial accounts on the site shortly.

Zero Waste Europe gratefully acknowledges financial assistance from the European Union: Commission Directorate General (DG) Environment and the Europe for Citizens programme of the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency, the Adessium Foundation, GAIA and other donors. The sole responsibility for the content of this website lies with Zero Waste Europe. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the funder(s) mentioned above. The funder(s) cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.


Our mission is to empower communities to rethink their relationship with resources. We advocate for zero waste strategies in Europe and beyond, and support local groups who have the potential to drive change in their region.