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  • Flexible Impeller Pumps

  • Oil Pump

  • VISCOMAT - Model 70/90 - Oil Pump

    VISCOMAT - Model 70/90 - Oil Pump

    Self-priming vane pump with blades particularly suitable for delivery of oils from low to high viscosity. The built-in valve allows for flow control to achieve an optimum ratio of viscosity and length of line.

  • Self-Priming Side Channel Pumps of Bronze or Stainless Steel

  • ZUWA - Model EP - Bronze and Stainless Steel Pumps

    ZUWA - Model EP - Bronze and Stainless Steel Pumps

    The pumps are available with various motors (AC, DC and threephase current) or with V-belt pulley for V-belt drive. They operate in both senses. The 230-Volt motors in addition are equipped with a change-over switch to change the direction of rotation. The 230 V versions are equipped with a rotation direction switch. Optional accessories for all models: Regulation valve (bypass) for fl ow control and trolley for easy transport.

  • Plant Protection

  • Watering Sprayer

    Watering Sprayer

    Handy and sturdy chassis with large pneumatic tyres and a swivelling jockey wheel.Tank capacity: 120 l.A special feature of the new ZUWA watering sprayer is the ZUMATIC pump control that switches on and off the pump automatically when opening or closing the spray wand. The benefit to using this control system is a longer life of battery and pump.The new ZUWA watering sprayers are equipped with a high capacity dry self-priming impeller pump operating...