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  • ZYDOX - Coupled

    ZYDOX - Coupled

    ZYDOXcoupled with our customised activation processes creates a unique stabilised Chlorine Dioxide solution providing superior stability and enhanced performance over alternative sodium chlorite products.ZYDOXis available in 20 Litre, 200 Litre containers at 6% stabilised sodium chlorite concentration and in 1,000 Litre containers at 31%.

  • Zydac - Activator

    Zydac - Activator

    Zydac Activator is a powdered proprietary blend of Sulphurous Acid, Chlorine donor and Persulphate chemicals which provide a high degree of activation for our Zydox liquid whilst producing an unusually stable activated chlorine dioxide solution. It is applied to dilute Zydox at 7.5% volume, therefore very economical.Zydac Max is a more powerful version of Zydac, specifically designed for use with Zychem's patented GITA machines (Gas Infusion...

  • ExStinkt - Pure H2O Self Activating Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

    ExStinkt - Pure H2O Self Activating Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

    Rapidly dissolves in water and releases Chlorine Dioxide… a powerful biocide for mould and biofilm. ExStinkt Pure H2O Self Activating Chlorine Dioxide Tablets produce a potent, cost effective and rapid acting biocide and fungicide for the control of bacteria, mould and malodour. They may be used to reduce biofilm, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in a variety of applications.

  • ExStinkt - Accelerator

    ExStinkt - Accelerator

    A potent, cost effective and rapid acting Odour, Bacteria and Mould removal system for the control of smoke odour, pet odours, vomit, mould and similar malodours affecting homes, rental accommodation, caravans, marine vessels and business premises. Exstinkt Accelerator foil pack contains 20gm of self activating chlorine dioxde (ClO2) powder. When used as directed it is effective against small sources of malodour such as smoke, mould and H2S. Depending...

  • ExStinkt - Odour Sachet

    ExStinkt - Odour Sachet

    The ExStinkt Odour Sachet is a chlorine dioxide based, controlled sustained release deodorising sachet. The patented self activating chlorine dioxide powder technology is a potent biocide that attacks odour at its source. It is effective in confined spaces up to 20 cubic metres depending on humidity.

  • Zychem - Non Hazardous Proprietary Cationic

    Zychem - Non Hazardous Proprietary Cationic

    ZYDOSAN PLUS is a non hazardous proprietary Cationic/non-ionic scented surfactant blend with the addition of Citric Acid and Zydox. It is used as a surface cleaner/sanitiser and odour eliminator.

  • Zydox - Test Kits

    Zydox - Test Kits

    Zychem imports bulk quantities of Chlorine Dioxide Test Kits to enable it to supply its customers at the most cost effective rates. We hold customised Exact Photometer Kits which have the capacity to test for Chlorine Dioxide; Chlorine; pH and a range of other parameters. A comprehensive range of test strips for Exact Photometer are held in stock.Standard Low Range and High Range ClO2 Test Strips are also held in stock.

  • Foggers & Sprayers

    Foggers & Sprayers

    Fogmaster 240 volt Foggers and customised Rapid Spray 12 volt Backpack Misters are also held in stock. These products are used to apply Breathe Ezy, a chlorine dioxide based product designed to reduce upper respiratory infections in Avian species. Breathe Ezy is dispersed using either the 240 volt Fogmaster or 12 volt Backpack Mister directly onto the birds. Breath Ezy is proven to help reduce Aspergillus and similar respiratory infections. The units...