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Fish Diversion equipment for Environmental Management

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    Fish Recovery and Return Screens

    The U.S. EPA Clean Water Act Section 316(b) allows for numerous different compliance methods to meet Best Technology Available (BTA) requirements for impingement mortality standards. One of the more cost-effective means of compliance is based on option 5, allowing the owner to “operate a modified traveling screen that the EPA or other permitting ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Fish Recovery and Return Screens Product line

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    PeriSight - Night Vision Enhancer

    PeriSight is a network of imaging sensor modules offering multiple viewing channels – colour low light and thermal.

    By Bertin Instruments SAS based in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, FRANCE. from Night Vision Enhancer Product line

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    H2O - Acoustic Fish Deterrent System

    The Acoustic deterrent produces underwater sound, in order to deter fish from potentially hazardous areas, such as inlets for cooling water of industrial facilities. The required frequency is tailored to local fish species.

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. based in Bemmel, NETHERLANDS.

  • Taskmaster - Model TM8500 - Compact 5HP Twin Shaft Shredder

    The TM8500 features low speed, high torque counter-rotating cutters that intensively shear and shred wood, documents, product rejects, screenings, sludge, fish waste, plastics, fabrics, waste material, and more. This versatile, compact shredder can be used to re-process scrap product, reduce waste and pre-condition materials for further ...

    By Franklin Miller Inc. based in Livingston, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Compact 5HP Twin Shaft Shredder Product line

  • Discreens

    Screening and removal of solids. Water removal to protect against contamination in downstream screening systems. The discreen is a dynamic screen equipped with several shafts. Each shaft has a number of discs and corresponding spacers mounted on it. The discs of the individual shafts engage with each other. All shafts rotate in the same direction. ...

    By Verfahrenstechnik Schweitzer GmbH based in Neu-Anspach, GERMANY. from Discreens Product line

  • Feugier - Cofferdam

    Aluminium cofferdams are lightweight solutions for creating temporary dams in watercourses, in front of sluice gates, fish ladders, etc. Thanks to its range of in-house products, FEUGIER Environnement works with you define and build your custom-made cofferdam solution.

    By Feugier environnement based in Sault Brénaz, FRANCE. from Cofferdam Product line

  • Hydroscreen - Large Hydro Diversion Screens

    Remove sediments and debris that damage nozzles, runners, and bearings. Avoid lost generation revenues and expensive maintenance costs and equipment replacements. Debris and sediment can plug nozzles and significantly damage runner blades and impellers in large hydro turbines. In some cases, loss of generation revenues can cost as much as $20,000 ...

    By Hydroscreen Co. LLC based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

  • Cook - Coanda Screens

    Coanda Screens use a combination of overflowing water and gravity to stay clean. For remote sites, the combination of low maintenance, intrinsic sediment transfer, and high capacity help lower the total installed cost of a facility.

    By Rickly Hydro based in Columbus, OHIO (USA). from Coanda Screens Product line

  • Hydrolox - Model Series 6000 Mesh Top 1.75 mm - Engineered Polymer Screen

    The Hydrolox Series 6000 Mesh Top 1.75 mm Engineered Polymer Screen was designed specifically to help customers meet stringent NOAA criteria and EPA compliance measures such as Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act. A maximum slot width of 1.75 mm provides advanced fish protection from both impingement and entrainment in large water intake ...

    By Hydrolox Engineered Polymer Screens based in Harahan, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • FishFlow - Fishway for Pumping Stations

    In the Netherlands alone more than 3000 pumping stations contribute to the watermanagement. For fish, pumping stations present migration barriers that obstruct the natural connections between adjacent water bodies. The FishFlow fishway for pumping stations consists of a by-pass system that guides fish around the potentially lethal pumps.

    By FishFlow Innovations based in Medemblik, NETHERLANDS.

  • ATLAS - Dual Flow Water Screen

    Dual Flow Water Screens. New Intake Projects. Dual Flow Conversion “Zero Carry Over Screens” to Retrofit Existing Thru Flow Intakes. Heavy Duty Screens designed and built for Low Maintenance. Designed for Fish Handling Applications. SmartScreen Technology™. Controls and Auxiliary Equipment.

    By Atlas Manufacturing Company, Inc. based in Monticello, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Dual Flow Water Screen Product line

  • IWS - Inline Canal Water Screens

    Inline water screens protect people, fish and equipment. IWS screens remove water borne debris including moss, grass, hyacinth and tumbleweeds but can be designed to let fish swim through. Water comes through clean so it doesn’t clog waterways, pipelines or pumps. Traveling water screens simplify maintenance of waterways so labor costs and ...

    By International Water Screens based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Inline Canal Water Screens Product line

  • FishFlow - Fish-safe Rotary Drum Screen for Water Intakes

    Many industrial facilities extract water from lakes, rivers or coastal waters for cooling installations, hydropower or water supply. The entrainment of floating debris or fish can have adverse effects on industrial processes and cause fish mortality. The innovative rotary drum screen that has been developed by FishFlow Innovations effectively ...

    By FishFlow Innovations based in Medemblik, NETHERLANDS.

  • CanaVac - Model Aqua Twin - Single Chamber Systems

    The “Twin” tank version of the CanaVac Aqua features the added benefit of continuous pumping. This can be critical when fish are being transferred over long distances. The system fills one tank while the other empties ensuring constant flow through the suction and discharge hoses.

    By Inventive Marine Products Limited based in Bedford, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Single Chamber Systems Product line

  • Roto Disc Leaf Screener

    Flow rates for large capacities, up to 500 l/s. Designed to meet the needs of fish farmers for screening at the site inlet. Made entirely using 304L or 316L stainless steel (for sea water).

    By FAIVRE Ets based in Baume-les-Dames, FRANCE. from Roto Disc Leaf Screener Product line

  • Fish Passage and Environmental Mitigation

    The Obermeyer Spillway Gate System may be configured for independent operation of various gate sections. This allows fish-way attraction flows from the spillway, to be directed to fish ladders with a minimum amount of water. Adjustable fish ladders can be constructed from a series of Obermeyer gates. Controlled pond level can prevent the sudden ...

    By Obermeyer Hydro, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Fish Passage and Environmental Mitigation Product line

  • Ronamic - Two Way Fish Passage Systems

    RONAMIC two-way fish passage weir guarantees safe fish passage in both directions, while still serving as a regular weir for altering the water level and flow characteristics. Thanks to its innovative design and constructional simplicity, the RONAMIC weir is currently the most cost-efficient fish passage solution available for artificial ...

    By Ronamic based in CW Noordwijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Systech - Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Headspace Gas Analyzer Gaspace Advance

    For the most advanced features in headspace gas analysis, the Gaspace Advance offers automatic calibration, diagnostics and control which ensures that the instrument is always performing to its highest degree of accuracy - essential for HACCP compliance.

  • Open Seas - Model DK30 - Trawl Resistant Shield

    Specifically designed to protect the new generation of ADP’s and ADCP’s from fishing gear depredation, available in several models for any application.

    By Open Seas Instrumentation Inc. based in Musquodoboit Harbour, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Trawl Resistant Shield Product line

  • Aqua-Mini - Floating Aerator

    Aqua-Mini has a small, adjustable submersible motor Because of the infinitely variable speed controller at the plug.' the power of the aerator can be adjusted optimally and tuned in to the size of the pond. This gives a particularly cost-effective and economical continuous operation. The intake screen (anodised aluminium) excludes plants and small ...

    By LINN Gerätebau GmbH based in Lennestadt-Oedingen, GERMANY.

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