2016 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference


Join the Florida Section of the American Water Resources Association for the 2016 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference in Orlando, FL, November 13-17, 2016. You can expect a great conference full of information on the latest national and local water resources topics, along with four days of productive community building, conversation, and connections while enjoying what Orlando offers.

Event Type:
Nov. 13-17, 2016
Florida Hotel & Conference Center
Orlando , FL , USA

Abstracts can be submitted in categories across the comprehensive field of water resources. See our topic list covering areas such as Hydrology, Climate Change, Integrated Water Resources Management, Alternative Water Supplies, Environmental Restoration, Information Management and Tools, Water and Energy Nexus, Stormwater Management, Water Quality, and more. Several regional topics tracks will provide an opportunity for water resources professionals in the southeastern United States and Florida to tell you about issues in this region. We have planned a great group of special topics on the latest water resources trends, with a powerful dose of Florida issues, including: Florida's Wetlands; Water Supply Management when Demand Stretches Supply in a Wet State; Land Use for Water Efficiency and Environmental Protection; Quantifying Costs and Benefits for Environmental Services; Everglades Restoration; and more. Please submit your abstract by May 16, 2016.

Our program is built to deliver information to government, private sector, and educational professionals on lessons learned, insights and tools available, and the full breadth of ideas our community brings to issues, problems, and opportunities in a specific region and the world. We encourage you to present your research, planning, and implementation results in our multidisciplinary group of connected and diversely-interested professionals. 

Technical Program: The conference will include oral and poster presentations, plenary speakers, and panel presentations. It is a great outlet for your work; and a great opportunity to hear from others. Take advantage of the technical field trips, and short courses, and the latest from vendors.

The AWRA Technology technical committee is pleased to host a new kind of conference session: the Technology Showcase and is seeking proposals for Lightning Talks. Check out the 'Call for Lightning Talks' for more information in participating in this session. Proposals are due May 11th. 

Community & Conversation: There will be a number of opportunities to interact with exhibitors and presenters, including the Opening Networking Reception, numerous coffee breaks, the Exhibit Hall, the AWRA Awards Luncheon, and a special evening event sponsored by the Florida Section of AWRA. 

Conference Connections: AWRA conferences provide unique opportunities for all members of the water resources community. Network with professionals, students, and people with interests across the world of water resources. Our interdisciplinary association is the premier place to meet people with interests similar to yours but coming from a whole different background, expanding your horizons and stretching your ideas to incorporate water resources approaches from a whole different perspective. It's a great place for students - not only to present your work to leading government, private sector and education attendees, but to learn about the diverse water resources field and the opportunities for you. Attendees can enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds, and this is a good chance to see what today's top students are working on. 

The conference venue is the Florida Hotel & Conference Center, 1500 Sand Lake Rd., Orlando, FL in the heart of Orlando, Florida. Reserve your roomtoday.

Contact the Conference Chair, Rafael Frias, for general conference questions. Specific questions regarding special sessions, panel presentations, or conference topics can be addressed to the Technical Program Co-Chairs, Don Duke and Lara Fowler.

Join the AWRA Community in Orlando in November 2016 for cutting-edge technical information, exciting conversations, and new connections - in your discipline and across the world of water resources! We look forward to reading your abstract submittals and seeing you in Orlando!

Reach the 500+ attendees at the AWRA Annual Conference and beyond with:

  • Online - Your logo on the conference webpage and in the AWRA Virtual Exhibit Hall.
  • Email marketing material - Your logo and a link to your website in our conference updates and marketing emails.
  • Extend your reach - Send an e-blast to our entire database of 12,800 individuals. Ask about one-time discounts for Annual Conference Sponsors. (Christine@awra.org)
  • Final Program Booklet - Your logo in the final printed program. Make your company stand out - ask about program book advertising discounts for Sponsors. (Christine@awra.org)
  • Onsite signage - Your logo will appear on sponsor recognition signage and sponsored events (as appropriate).

Strengthen your prominence as a leader in water resources management and reinforce your visibility among water resources professionals.

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The AWRA Annual Conference attracts a broad audience from the region, across the country and around the world! Attendees represent:

  • Federal/State/Local/Regional Government (37%)
  • Educational/research/non-profit institutions (15%)
  • Water use industries/consulting firms (48%)

AWRA's Annual Conference brings together professionals on the cutting edge of research and practice in all aspects of water resources management. With an expected attendance of over 500 water resources professionals, this conference provides corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations with outstanding opportunities to maximize contact with attendees. The Exhibit Area is centrally located, ensuring plenty of foot traffic and face-to-face interactions with all attendees.

Showcase your products and services to your target market.

  • Opening Reception and all refreshment breaks take place in Exhibit Area
  • Exhibits are adjacent to Oral Presentations and Registration
  • Poster Presentations take place near the Exhibit Area

Create new relationships and reinforce existing ones.

  • Demonstrate your software and hardware products.
  • Solicit feedback from customers, technical users and project managers
  • Attend sessions to see the challenges and opportunities your customers and clients are facing

Extend your reach beyond the conference and directly into the attendee's office.

  • Send an e-blast to our entire database of 12,800 individuals. Ask about one-time discounts exclusively for Conference Exhibitors (Christine@awra.org)
  • Ask about Final Program advertising discounts for Exhibitors (Christine@awra.org)

Attendance at AWRA's Annual conferences average 500+ water resources professionals. Market your products and services to a targeted audience of participants from:

  • Federal/state/local government (28%)
  • Educational/research/nonprofit institutions (25%)
  • Water use industries/consulting firms (39%)

Our conference attendees want information! They are a focused audience who acquire and use environmental management products and services at industrial and government sites around the world.

  • They want to hear about state-of-the-art practical solutions for water resources management issues.
  • They want to know what's on the horizon for water resources.
  • They to know about the latest applications, innovations and developments in management technologies.

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