Advanced NEPA-Taking the National Environmental Policy Act to the Next Level-Dec 15, 2016

You’ve been to training on the basics, the fundamentals, the essentials, the step-by-step. You’ve been to refreshers and updates. It’s time to take the National Environmental Policy Act to the next level – Advanced NEPA. NEPA is often criticized for costing too much, taking too long, and accomplishing too little. If you have any role in the NEPA process, you have a stake in the answers discussed in this seminar. You are encouraged to bring your own questions for discussion and resolution. This is a seminar format with significant time reserved for discussion rather than lecture. Handout materials are substantial and based on statutes, regulations, and case law rather than on opinion or past practice. Expect a fast-paced day. During this seminar the questions that do not arise in the basic courses will be asked and answered – questions related to the categorical exclusion, the environmental assessment, the finding of no significant impact, and the environmental impact statem
Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Dec. 15, 2016
University of Phoenix
Tigard , OR , USA

Course Topics

Types of questions that will be asked and answered:

  • What is an extraordinary circumstance that would take an action normally excluded out of consideration for categorical exclusion?
  • Is a no-action alternative absolutely necessary in an environmental assessment?
  • What is an environmental baseline?
  • What is an appropriate alternative for a proposal involving unresolved conflicts over alternative uses of available resources? 
  • What is an adverse environmental effect that cannot be avoided?
  • When is an issue or matter relevant and when is it not?
  • What is the threshold for supplementing an EA?
  • Can a programmatic EIS on a long-term plan of actions be supplemented with dozens, scores, or even hundreds of EAs/FONSIs on the many actions that implement the plan of actions over time?  If the plan of actions has significant consequences, at what point does the accumulation of implementing actions become significant?  

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