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IE Expo 2013 - International Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Refuse, Recycling and Energy


International Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Refuse, Recycling and Natural Energy Sources. IE Expo is the comprehensive exhibition on the Asian market for practice-oriented solutions in the key sectors for environmental protection and waste disposal including water supply, sewage, recycling, air pollution, environmental technology and environmentally sound energy sources.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
May 13-15, 2013
Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Shanghai , China

1. Water and Sewage Area
1. Water extraction, seawater desalination
2. Water and sewage treatment
3. Mechanical-physical processes
4. Chemical-physical processes
5. Biochemical processes
6. Treatment of sludge and residues
7. Water distribution, sewers
8. Pipes, shafts
9. Pipe construction and repair
10. Sewer inspection, cleaning, maintenance
11. Pumps and lifting tackle
12. Outlets and fittings
13. Membrane and fittings
14. Drinking water equipment

2. Refuse Disposal and Resources Recycling and Reutilization Area
1. Refuse sorting, collection and transport
2. Refuse containers, vehicles and superstructures
3. Transfer equipment and plant
4. Urban road cleaning and maintenance machines
5. Kitchen waste treatment
6. Medical waste treatment
7. Mechanical-biological treatment
8. Thermal utilization
9. Generating energy from waste materials (biogas plants, components)
10. Landfills
11. Resources recycling and reutilization
12. Waste suppliers, distributors and traders
13. Accessories and wear parts

3. Air Pollution Control Area
1. Desulfurization and denitrification
2. Ammonia removing and dust removal
3. Industrial waste gas control
4. Kitchen oil mist purification
5. Vehicle exhaust purification
6. Indoor air purification

4. Energy Saving Technologies, Services and Products Area
1. Energy saving and emission reduction result display
2. Industrial energy saving technologies and equipments
3. Heat supply and refrigeration,energy saving and improvement for lighting and power distribution system
4. Rainwater collection, wasteheat and waste pressure utilization
5. Energy saving services and energy management contracts
6. Other energy saving technologies and products

5. Other Pollution Control Area
1. Noise and vibration control
2. Ecological recovery and protection
3. Other related technologies

6. Environment Measurement, Control and Laboratory Technology
1. Laboratory equipment
2. Measuring equipment
3. Analysis equipment
4. Monitoring systems
5. Process control for water, sewage, refuse and air
6. Environmental information systems

7. Environment Management and Services
1. Disposal services
2. Water supply and sewage disposal
3. Consultancy, environmental management, eco-auditing
4. Financing/ marketing/ sales
5. Data processing, computer hardware and software
6. Analysis laboratories

8. Education and Research
1. Associations and institutions
2. Research institutes
3. Specialist publishers, trade literature
4. Training and education
5. Other related technologies

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