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With around 40 trade fairs for industrial goods, consumer goods and new technologies, Messe München is one of the world’s leading trade fair companies. Currently, we organize 14 international leading trade fairs, including the largest trade fair in the world, the bauma. True to our leitmotiv “Connecting Global Competence”, we combine internationally appealing trade fair locations with excellent trade fair service. This allows us to make your presence at the trade fair a key to your success. Our company offers you profound competences in the environmental technology, building and new technologies industries.

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Messegelande , Munich , 81823 Germany

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Event organizer
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Publishing / Media / Marketing
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Globally (various continents)
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We’re committed to protecting products and brands

Our comprehensive measures are designed to protect as best as possible your intellectual property rights as an exhibitor.

As a global trade fair company, we explicitly fight against product and brand piracy. Our catalog of measures includes:

An anti-plagiarism clause in the participation requirements for each trade fair

  • A general photography ban
  • A free of charge trade fair stand about customs, and the German Patent and Trademark Offices

Upon our initiative, Munich’s District Court reserves court sessions for events particularly prone to product and brand piracy. This allows you to accelerate the legal proceedings if you are affected. Please clearly mark on your form that it is related to the trade fair.

Messe München is expanding

Two new exhibition halls and a new conference center will soon take shape in Munich. All details about Messe München's exhibition venue new builds are available here.

The history of Messe München is an impressive story in the sector for trade fairs and exhibitions. In just five decades, the company managed to evolve from a local marketplace and trade center to an internationally recognized, globally active trade-fair corporation. A microsite about the company's history shows its most important milestones between 1964 and today in text and images.


The beginnings of Messe München reach back to a period of rapid development in Munich—the Sixties. It was characterized by a general atmosphere of economic upswing that also consumed Munich. It was the age of the economic miracle. Trade shows were increasing in significance at an unprecedented rate. Demand for industrial and commercial products at the national and international level was growing in leaps and bounds. The next reasonable step—and one that was vital for Munich—was to establish a perfectly functioning trade-fair industry.

April 1, 1964: Münchner Messe- und Ausstellungsgesellschaft (MMG) is founded, establishing the basis for a professional trade-fair industry in Munich. Its shareholders are the City of Munich, the State of Bavaria, the Chamber of Industry and Trade of Munich and Upper Bavaria and the Chamber of Trade and Crafts.


Today, five decades later, Messe München is an internationally recognized, globally active trade-fair corporation with some 40 trade fairs at its Munich venues alone, including 14 leading international trade fairs. It also organizes trade fairs in China, India, Turkey and South Africa. With a combination of affiliates abroad – in Europe, Asia and Africa – and over 60 representatives actively serving over 100 countries, Messe München has a worldwide business network.

For Munich, the trade-fair corporation is now a driving economic force. According to a study conducted by the ifo Institute for Economic Research (2014), Messe München's activities at its Munich venues secure 24,394 jobs, 14,177 of which are in the Bavarian capital, and 5,774 of which are in the rest of Bavaria. Each year, exhibitors and visitors who participate in Messe München events generate total nationwide sales of EUR 2.63 billion and generate tax revenues totaling EUR 490 million.

Two new exhibition halls and a new conference center will soon take shape in Munich. All details are available here: new exhibition halls.

The whole story The company has experienced several exciting milestones between then and now: Munich's first international trade show, the International Transport Exhibition (1965), the Olympic Games (1972), relocating the company to Riem (1998), the international breakthrough in the 1990s, building the trade-fair center in Shanghai (2001), the papal visit and the Soccer World Cup (2006) as well as a number of trade-fair premieres and anniversaries.

Our microsite on the history of the company will take you on an entertaining journey through the entire history of Messe München. It features text and images that show the important and memorable moments from the last five decades.

Sustainable management of the environment is an important concern to us

Ecological sustainability is one of our main issues. By following consistent measures, we’ve already achieved a lot. For example, Messe München is the only exhibition center in the world that has been awarded TÜV Süd’s “Energy-efficient company” certification.

Respect for valuable resources

We are leaders in the areas of energy, avoidance of CO2 emissions, water management and waste prevention. In the future, we will continue to use the latest methods and techniques to conserve precious resources.

Our activities at a glance

Exhibition grounds of Messe München:

  • Our refined energy plan saves 8,000 tons of C02 per year. In comparison, 640,000 trees would be necessary to absorb this amount.
  • Our exhibition grounds have a green surface area of 125,000m², or 17%.
  • We are the only trade fair company in Europe to heat the exhibition grounds with geothermal energy, which we source from the Munich public services’ geothermal plant located directly in the Riem exhibition center.
  • Our own combined heat and power unit covers peak needs.
  • We obtain solar energy using one of the world’s largest photovoltaic rooftop systems.
  • We use local heat generation and cooling systems with natural gas and night-rate electricity.
  • We collect and seep rain water to relive the sewer system.
  • For lighting, we use energy-saving fixtures that are set according to time of day and amount of daylight.
  • We have automated energy-saving measures in all buildings.
  • We reduce, separate and recycle waste using our own innovative concept.
  • We use FSC paper from sustainable forests.

Our trade show involvement:

  • We organize exhibitions related to environmental and climate protection, e.g. the IFAT, BAU, electronica, productronica and Oils + Fats, as well as the Intersolar as a guest-hosted event.
  • True to the motto 'Green Fairs', our trade fairs reflect ever-increasing sustainability – both thematically and in their execution.

Our involvement in regional, national and international environmental initiatives:

  • We are actively involved in several environmental initiatives, including the Munich Air Partner.
  • We operate the Technology Pavilion Building Center in Poing.

Communication and creativity are essential components of the trade fair industry. That’s why we included artwork in the design of the New Munich Trade Fair from its beginning. They accompany our exhibitors, visitors, and employees and have become permanent components of trade fair life.

“Gran Paradiso” – Mountains and water play with geographical identities

Two objects by the Munich artist Stephan Huber shape the lakes in front of the New Munich Trade Fair’s West Entrance. In the words of the artist: “These works of art should give an identity to both the area in front of the exhibition grounds and the surrounding vicinity”.