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IFAT is the World`s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management, and is a place where visitors can find strategies and solutions for using resources in intelligent cycles in a manner that ensures their long-term preservation—with a great deal of success. IFAT is an international industry event and an innovation platform, packed into 230,000 square meters. A global leader with 3097 exhibitors from 59 countries and 136,885 visitors from 168 nations. IFAT is the industry event for environmental technologies.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
May 14-18, 2018
New Munich Trade Fair Centre
Messe München , Germany


IFAT — The number one industry gathering
Take advantage of this opportunity to present your company, your products and your services to the international market by exhibiting at the fair. It is the best place to encounter strong interest and concrete demand from some 135,000 visitors. Use IFAT to cultivate ties to your customers and make new contacts. Profit from good long-term business prospects at IFAT.

The latest facts and figures from IFAT—resources, innovations, solutions. The World's Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies boasts a high international presence and an impressive number of exhibitors and visitors. A fixed date in the diaries for businesses in the water, sewage, waste and raw materials industry, IFAT provides you with everything you need to make your trade fair appearance a success.

Success in numbers at IFAT 2016

  • 3097 exhibitors from 59 countries (45% international exhibitors)
  • 136,885 visitors from 168 countries (47% international visitors)
  • Over 230,000 square meters of exhibition space
  • Six live demonstrations
  • Outstanding supporting program

Exhibitor and visitor numbers on the rise

IFAT is becoming an increasingly popular platform for presentations and innovation. International exhibitors in particular value the ideal market environment IFAT offers. Businesses from the water and waste water as well as from the recycling and municipal technologies sectors present their own pioneering and valuable solutions that enable the available resources to be used responsibly. Continuously rising visitor numbers and increasing international interest underline the enormous importance of IFAT as the World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management.

IFAT worldwide
Water extraction and utilization, as well as waste engineering and the recovery and recycling of secondary raw materials are topical issues around the globe. As a reflection of this, IFAT has created an interdisciplinary network with a global reach. IFAT's global events series includes IE expo China and IE expo Guangzhou in China, IFAT India in India, IFAT Eurasia in Turkey andIFAT Africa in South Africa.


Three colors, one symbol: The entire world of environmental technologies is contained within the IFAT logo. The color blue represents water and waste water, orange stands for recycling and municipal technologies, and green is used to represent the idea of the sustainable preservation of our resources. At IFAT, the World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management, strategies and innovative solutions are showcased that allow resources to be used in intelligent cycles to ensure their long-term preservation.


Water is quite simply the most important nutrient, so it comes as no surprise that the United Nations declared access to clean water a human right in 2010. Making this right a reality worldwide against the backdrop of an ever-growing global population is a very tall order to say the least. What's more, as it is needed in comparatively small amounts and must be of the highest quality, drinking water represents merely the premium segment of our water needs. The biggest consumers by far are the agricultural sector, industry, and energy providers.

As such, it is necessary to find and spread cost-efficient and ecologically feasible solutions to meet the individual requirements of all these stakeholders. The changing climate and extreme weather conditions have prompted many municipal and regional authorities to consider ways of enhancing their coastal defenses and flood protection. Water pollution control and the de-velopment and maintenance of waterways are equally topical matters. How can water be made available for use and preserved?

Besides being an essential nutrient, water is also a long-established and important industrial commodity. Water and sewage networks run through our land, houses, and industrial plants. The construction of water and sewage treatment systems is an enormous economic factor. The questions surrounding the use and management of water concern a great many applications besides human consumption: How can process water be recycled and efficiently used? What membrane processes are available and how can sludge and residues be efficiently treated? What drive technologies are offered by the machines and systems used in water management and what volumes can now be pumped by modern systems? How are volumes and flow rates measured and where is measurement and control technology applied?

The proper use and management of water is crucial to our future. Our choice of water man-agement solutions in the years ahead will be hugely significant for future generations.


Waste isn't just waste: It's a potential raw material and source of energy. Around the world, the environmental technology sector is constantly developing new methods and technologies in order to cost-effectively tap into the reusable materials and energy contained in waste. Local authorities are also on the hunt for cost-effective solutions that can help them meet their municipal environmental obligations, i.e. street cleaning and winter road services. Be it waste management or municipal technologies, the IFAT trade fair helps bring supply and demand together.

How can we turn waste management and recycling into raw material management? How can innovative logistical and technical solutions in waste collection and transportation, sorting, and material separation help us achieve this? From which types of waste can secondary raw materials be extracted, and which can be used as substitute fuel? Will our old landfill sites become reservoirs that enable us to protect and recover limited natural resources in the future?

Municipalities are also facing severe limitations in terms of personnel, machinery, and materials for street cleaning and winter road services. How can these services be optimized?

The range of exhibitors encompasses the following sectors:

IFAT offers a broad range of services, making it a global platform for innovation. The trade fair covers the fields of water, sewage, waste, and raw materials management.

From sewage treatment plants to the use of comminution machines in refuse treatment, IFAT encompasses all application areas in the field of modern, forward-thinking environmental technologies. The innovations presented at IFAT aim to promote the sustainable use of the available resources in order to protect and improve our quality of life and the state of the environment.

You can view the IFAT product index here.

Water and sewage


Here you will find all the important information you will need about IFAT, including opening times, the range of restaurants, services, our app, and WiFi access at the trade fair, to help you plan your visit to the trade fair.

Opening hours
Exhibitors and visitors will find the opening times here, whilst journalists can see when the Press Center will be open to them.


The IFAT app: Your pocket-sized planner

Plan your visit to IFAT and benefit from the features of the useful app, which acts as your mobile planner before, during, and after the fair.

The IFAT app gives you access to all the key information about the event—anytime and anywhere. It makes it easy to organize your trip and includes details about the exhibitors, favorites lists, and a whole range of other useful features. Thanks to the event overview, which can be sorted according to forums or days, you will never miss an interesting event.

The app offers you a number of practical functions, such as:

  • the option to search for exhibitors, products, and points of interest (POIs)
  • an interactive hall diagram with favorites function
  • an overview of the entire supporting program.
Our recommendation
Ensure you are connected to a WiFi network when you download and start up the app, so it doesn't take too long to load. It's best to install the app a few days before the trade fair begins; this will mean you are well prepared, can save time at the venue, and can avoid any potential roaming charges.


Free WiFi at the fair

Messe München is offering free wireless internet access to all IFAT visitors at the trade-fair center.

How it works:

  • Turn on the WiFi functionality on your device.
  • Search for wireless networks and connect to the “messeWifi” network.
  • Start your Internet browser.
  • Enter any web address.
  • The portal page for the free WiFi will appear on screen.
  • Once you have accepted the General Terms and Conditions, you may access the Internet.

You only need to register once during the entire event.

Availability varies depending on the halls, entrances, and associated atrium areas occupied by the event. Available bandwidth is up to 1.5 Mbps. Download volumes are limited to 50 MB per user per day.

Please note that reception quality and availability can be affected by constructions, exhibits and other factors in the halls, and therefore cannot be guaranteed.


Use this opportunity as an exhibitor to showcase your company, products, and services to the international market. You are sure to receive huge interest and real demand here from 136,885 visitors.

Exhibiting is worthwhile
As the World's Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies, IFAT very successfully showcases strategies and new solutions for using resources in smart cycles in water, sewage, waste and raw materials management to ensure they are preserved for the long term.

IFAT keys to success at a glance

World's leading international trade fair
IFAT is the international platform for environmental technologies. 3097 exhibitors from 59 countries took part in IFAT 2016, which spanned an area of more than 230,000 square meters. The trade fair gave them the opportunity to impress a truly international audience of industry professionals with their extensive portfolio of services in the areas of water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. 136,885 specialist visitors and decision-makers from 168 countries attended the event and got the latest information about the current industry trends.
IFAT is the perfect marketplace for exhibitors to showcase innovate products and services to an audience of industry professionals and to make promising new business contacts.

Important industry event
Market leaders, small and medium-sized enterprises, and visionary start-ups meet associations and municipal suppliers and disposal companies during IFAT. What does the market offer and what does it need? IFAT provides answers to crucial questions concerning the market and puts customers in contact with manufacturers and service providers. IFAT is the meeting place for all sector-specific companies and provides an extensive insight into the entire environmental technology portfolio. Take advantage of IFAT in order to secure a promising future for your company within the environmental technology market.

Extensive range of products and services
IFAT assembles the entire range of environmental technology products and services on offer in the areas of water, sewage, waste and raw materials management in one place. Decision-makers and suppliers are efficiently brought together at the trade fair which is divided into clear and neatly structured subject areas.

  • Water and sewage
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Construction of water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Water supply and sewerage systems
  • Mechanical engineering and plant engineering in water management
  • Water services
  • Analysis and laboratory techniques for water
  • Education, research, and technology transfer

Recycling and municipal technologies

  • Waste management and recycling
  • Generating energy from raw materials and waste
  • Street cleaning, maintenance, and winter road services
  • Decontamination of old sites and soil treatment
  • Flue-gas scrubbing and air extraction, air pollution control
  • Recycling services
  • Analysis and laboratory techniques for recycling
  • Education, research, and technology transfer

Pioneering innovations
As the World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management, IFAT is the industry's pioneering platform for innovations. Innovative companies present their current strategies and latest solutions for embedding resources in smart cycles and thereby preserving them for future generations. IFAT provides an insight into the environmental technology market of the future. Dynamic. Spectacular. Groundbreaking.

Space for live demonstrations
IFAT is an inspirational and spectacular event. It provides you, the exhibitor, with plenty of space to take part in the live demonstrations on offer. Show off your machines, vehicles, and products live in action to your customers, wow an audience of industry professionals with impressive presentations, and demonstrate your solutions for dealing with the challenges faced by your customers.

Car Recycling
At the 'Car recycling' (BDSV, Federal Association of German Steel Recycling and Disposal Companies) live demonstration, IFAT visitors can discover more about the processes involved in the storage, drainage, pollutant extraction and fractionation of end-of-life vehicles for recovering resources.

Building Material Recycling
See how heavy machinery makes light work of it all as the VDBUM (Association of the Building Industry, and Environmental and Mechanical Engineering) demonstrates machines, excavators, and attachments live in action with asphalt, concrete, steel, and building materials.

Professional Competition
Professionals and budding specialists showcase their skills in the professional competition for sewers and wastewater treatment plants set up by the DWA (German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste).

Practical Days
During the 'Practical Days' hosted by the VDMA (German Engineering Federation), various manufacturers present the best that mechanical engineering has to offer when it comes to big technology for crushing, which converts rough timber, scrap wood, and green waste into usable biomass.

Trucks in Action
At 'Trucks in Action' event (VAK, Association for the Working Tools and Municipal Vehicles Industry), vehicles and superstructural parts demonstrate their potential in terms of disposal, street cleaning, and winter road services as well as sewer cleaning.

Water Treatment and Flood Control
The THW (Federal Agency for Technical Relief) puts on some impressive presentations on preventive systems for flood control and mobile devices for drinking water treatment.

Future Pipeworks
Visitors of IFAT are able to experience live pipeline construction on water networks.

High-caliber visitors and exclusive target groups
The figures are impressive, with 96 percent of exhibitors rating the quality and international diversity of the visitors as “good” to “excellent.” An impressive 95 percent of visitors think that IFAT plays a pioneering role as the leading trade fair and 97 percent of the trade fair visitors prepare to invest at IFAT. This speaks volumes for the decision-making power of the visitors. Take advantage of IFAT as a marketplace and central meeting point to ensure commercial success for your company.

Excellent supporting program
What are the issues and visions of the future? Where do the challenges lie and what are the environmental technology solutions? IFAT's unique supporting program delivers first-hand expert knowledge in its role as an information and presentation platform. IFAT provides the opportunity for international discussion and networking at expert forums, country-specific pavilions, and special events. Get involved and bring your ideas and solutions to the table.

How to get the most out of your appearance at the trade fair: We can support you with attractive offers, structured exhibition areas, and a complete range of professional exhibitor services. Important dates and useful logistical information will make sure you are fully informed.


Your key to trade fair success
Get the most out of your trade fair appearance by taking advantage of the professional “Your key to trade fair success” initiative, which will help you reach your goals and ensure that your time at the trade fair is a resounding success.

Your key to trade fair success
The “Your key to trade fair success” initiative is a special service provided by Messe München designed to support you when preparing for the trade fair, optimize your marketing activities, and help you to plan your budget, right down to the smallest details.

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Spanning an exhibition space of over 230,000 square meters, 3097 exhibitors from 59 countries attended IFAT 2016 to showcase their products, innovations, and services. 45 percent of the fair's exhibitors came from abroad.

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