Particle Counters Articles

  • Kinetics of lead and copper removal from oil-field brine by potential sorption

    The present study investigates the kinetics of lead and copper removal from oil-field brine by potential sorption. A population balance equation, coupled with a mass balance equation, was used in the estimation of kinetic parameters. Metal removal was performed by potential sorption of lead and copper through CaCO3 precipitates induced by the reaction of Na2CO3 and ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Influences of temperature and moisture on coal sorption characteristics of a bituminous coal from the Sydney Basin, Australia

    Accurate testing of coal isotherms plays a significant role in the areas of coal seam gas drainage, outburst control, CO 2 geo-sequestration, coalbed methane (CBM) and enhanced coalbed methane recovery (ECBM). Coal isotherms were tested with CO 2 and CH 4 gases with a modified indirect gravimetric method in the University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia. The adsorption capacity ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Impact of heating method on the flocculation process using thermosensitive polymer

     Flocculation process based on water soluble polymers as flocculating agents is still intensively researched nowadays, despite the introduction of these materials about fifty years ago. There is a need to gain the full control of this process in order to obtain high efficiency and strictly define products. For that purpose new solutions are proposed like stimuli-responsive macromolecules. In ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • The Right Choice to Maintain Hotel Rooms

    Maintaining high-traffic areas in hospitality settings, such as hotel rooms, can be a really overwhelming task. After all, impeccable maintenance of hotel rooms encompasses a multitude of applications, including disinfecting the toilets, scrubbing floors, cleaning counters, deodorizing mattresses, and more. As more and more people continue to use the facilities on a daily basis, it can be harder ...

    By Daimer Industries Inc.

  • An overview of micron-ranged particle sizing techniques

    Given the wide range of particle sizing technologies and instrumentation on the market, the choice of measurement technique can be daunting, especially if one is unfamiliar with the options available. Once introduced and familiar with an individual technique, it can be easy to continue to choose it by default. While this is certainly understandable, it may prove a disservice when the technique is ...

    By Particle Technology Labs

  • Blending of Log Normal Particle Size Data from Multiple Analyses into Continuous Data Set

    Abstract Image analysis is one method by which particle size may be measured. In many cases, it is considered the "gold standard" of particle size measurement and is often used to verify the results of other techniques. Sample particle size distributions are often broad, sometimes covering two to three decades of particle diameter. It is also common to analyze samples that are multi-modal ...

    By Particle Technology Labs

  • Preparation, characterisation and catalytic activity of gold nanoparticles supported on Co

    Gold nanoparticles supported on Co3O4 (Au:Co3O4 = 1:25) were prepared by co–precipitation method. The co–precipitate was studied by using a thermal analysis (Differential Thermal Analysis - DTA and a Differential Thermal Gravimetric Analysis - DTGA). The ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Vapor Steamers Make School Surfaces Spotlessly and Germ Free

    The cleaning capabilities of vapor steam cleaner machines are renowned all over the world. For this reason, cleaning professionals in charge of maintaining high-traffic areas now trust the cleaning power of steam vapor machines to help them accomplish their job with minimum effort and without compromising on the quality of cleaning results. Let us take the case of maintaining schools for ...

    By Daimer Industries Inc.

  • Hepa this Hepa that, is there such thing as a true Hepa vacuum?

    We all see it, the big Hepa sticker on the side so we automatically believe the vacuum must be a Hepa rated vacuum, right? - Sorry the chances are the Vacuum would never pass a Certified D.O.P test. Just because a vacuum has a Hepa filter doesn't make it a Hepa vacuum, many factors have to be taken into account such as: The Hepa Filter needs to be sized according to the airflow ...

    By Hypervac Technologies

  • Continuous mixing of confectionary ingredients

    Subject: Continuous feeding-mixing system Clients: Systems commissioned for high volume, quality food manufacturers   Description: Feeding and mixing of confectionary ingredients, chocolate and beverage powders for continuous production processes   Product characteristics: Diverse range of ingredients with differing flow properties such as sugar, pectin, citric acid, cocoa, ...

    By Gericke

  • Particle counter is used for subsea injection control

    “Production chemicals used in subsea applications have to be produced to a high specification of cleanliness, typically to better than NAS 8 (or the equivalent SAE AS4059 specification). This is because subsea injection systems typically terminate in narrow bore control valves that are prone to blockage by even the smallest particulates. Measurement of these production chemicals is ...

    By Spectrex Corporation

  • Oil-In-Water Analysis. Verification of Particle Counter results by optical microscopy

    For my research work, which concerns separation of liquid/liquid dispersions, I selected the Spectrex PC2200. It covers the whole range of droplet sizes which are of interest, i.e. from 0.5 to 100 microns. The procedure for analysis is very simple and results are obtained in less than a minute. This makes the Spectrex instrument very handy for use in the lab as well as for field measurements (A ...

    By Spectrex Corporation

  • Utility of the laser particle counter for determination of drinking-water toxicity

    Particle toxicity in various water samples depends on the mixture of toxicants in each sample. Toxicity values for different samples can be expressed using the new metric: Particle Toxicity. Use of the Spectrex PC-2000 was the instrument of choice in enumerating the particle concentrations for the calculation of the particle toxicity of drinking-water and reference toxicant suspensions. ...

    By Spectrex Corporation

  • The particle counter useful for formulation and process developement of parenterals

    Comments by major pharmaceutical company research scientist. We've found the Spectrex to be a very useful tool in formulation and process development for parenteral products in cases where the volume of solution available is limited, and we are primarily interested either in 1) differences in relative numbers and sizes of particles when comparing various formulations or processing treatments, or ...

    By Spectrex Corporation

  • The Spectrex particle counter used in study of pharmaceutical glass delamination.

    Delamination, or the generation of glass flakes in vials used to contain parenteral drug products, continues to be a persistent problem in the pharmaceutical industry. To understand all of the factors that might contribute to delamination, a statistical design of experiments was implemented to describe this loss of chemical integrity for glass vials. Phase I of this study focused on the effects ...

    By Spectrex Corporation

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