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Efficient nitrification to the city of Békés, Hungary


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Espoo, March 8, 2011 -- Malatech Water, Ltd. (Waterix' Hungarian dealer) delivered in November 2010 seven AIRIT 70 aerators to the city of Békés in Hungary. Békés has 22000 inhabitants and it is located some 190 km from Budapest. The main goal was to enhance nitrification at the plant.

The incoming flow of the plant is 2300 m3/d and previously the plant had a fine bubble diffuser system. The diffuser system was not efficient enough and they need to improve aeration. Therefore the city of Békés ordered from Waterix Ltd. 7 x AIRIT 70 aerators controlled by a frequency converters.

Waterix Airit aerators are equipped with an automatic impeller cleaning cycle which ensures that the impeller does not collect impurities and thus clog. This automatic impeller system increases the life span of all moving parts.

The objective was to improve DO concentration in the three aerobic zones, and to convert two anoxic zones to aerobic.

After the installation of Waterix Airit 70 devices, nitrification has started, and the process is running correctly.

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