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New `Historic` Promap Release


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Landmark Information Group has made significant enhancements to its industry renowned and market leading mapping tool, Promap

The new and improved Promap, which provides 18,000 property professionals with immediate online access to Ordnance Survey historical mapping and aerial photography, now includes the most comprehensive set of Ordnance Survey historical maps dating from the 1840's, allowing users to quickly and accurately track land use changes and identify potential contaminated land sites.

Promap has also teamed up with Cities Revealed, one of the leading brands in global imaging products, to provide historical aerial photography from 1939 - 1954. These seamless sets of historical aerial photographs were taken by the Luftwaffe and RAF and provide a rare insight into the past.

Managing Director of Landmark's Property and Environment Division, Richard Pawlyn, commented: 'Being able to track land use changes and investigate the potential existence of historically contaminated land is a matter of increasing concern to all associated with the property industry - which is reflected in increased tightening of government regulations on environmental issues. Property professionals rely more and more on mapping to provide the answers, and the new additions to Promap offer them an unrivalled 'one stop shop' solution, providing the most comprehensive range of mapping services currently available.'

Additional enhancements to Promap include:
- New, larger areas of modern aerial photography which show higher resolution images (12.5cm) - for greater accuracy and detail.
- Links directly to the Land Registry and The Valuation Office Agency - for improved workflow efficiency and speed.

Launched in 1995, Promap has revolutionised the lives of surveyors, engineers, architects , developers and other property professionals who spend long periods away from a desk but who have a constant need to reference maps. Promap allows the user to instantly locate, view, measure, customise, print and export mapping straight from their desktop online - saving copious amounts of data processing time and money for over 18,000 users in the UK. It's a service which has earned Landmark a finalist at this year's National Business Awards for 'Best Use of Technology'

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