Lindorm, Inc.

Two New Spill Monitoring Projects Using the SediMeter™

Source: Lindorm, Inc.

The fourth generation SediMeter™ a success in sediment spill monitoring

In the summer of 2018, the newest SediMeter™ was deployed in two dredging projects to monitor sedimentation and near-bed turbidity on sensitive bottoms near the work zone. In each case, three instruments were deployed in the area of concern, and a fourth instrument was deployed as a reference station in a similar environment but removed from the impact. One of the sites is in Canada, the other in the Netherlands. Both projects make use of turbidity data from the ISO style nephelometric turbidimeter, but U.S. customers will be pleased to know that the SediMeter™ SM4 also features an EPA style turbidimeter as required by the USAmerican legislation. The SM4 features a number of other sensors as well, such as fluorescence meter and accelerometer, and it features conditions based monitoring: If exposed to shaking or impact it will take an extra measurement, along with 3 seconds of acceleration data. In both projects the SediMeters are delivering data in real time via telemetry, so that any problem can be detected and remedied before it is too late.