3P Attenuation and Infiltration Filter



Rainwater filter with integrated dirt retention basket for installation into the ground before the rainwater tank. The dirt basket made of stainless steel can be removed easily with the removal handle. The 3P Attenuation and Infiltration Filter is ideal for systems which use the cleaned water for flushing the toilet, washing machine and for watering the garden and where the rainwater has to be infiltrated. That means where no connection with a se-wer is possible for draining rainwater runoff or the runoff can only be led to the sewer by means of a retention regulator.

The two upper adapters DN 100 can be used as inlets or also optionally as an emergency overflow.

The lower adapter is used as inlet to the rainwater tank.

Connection capacity:

  • for roof areas up to 213 m²
  • All connections: DN 100

The cleaned water can be used for toilet flushing, washing machine and for garden watering

The filter has to be cleaned depending on the contamination several times during the year.

  1. Rainwater is led through the adapter DN 100
  2. The dirt is detained in the dirt retention basket made of stainless steel, the basket has to be cleaned if necessary
  3. One inlet DN 100 can also be used as an emergency overflow
  4. Cleaned water flows over the inlet DN 100 into the rainwater tank
  5. Use of a calmed inlet is possible

  • Rainwater filter according to DIN 1989-2, Typ B
  • Connection inlet: 2 x DN 100
  • Outlet to storage: DN 100
  • Emergency overflow or additional inlet: DN 100
  • Connection capacity:
  • for roof areas up to 213 m²
  • Housing material: Polyethylene
  • Telescopic extension: Polyethylene
  • Material filter basket: Stainless steel 1.4301 Mesh size: 0,55 mm
  • Weight: 2,8 kg

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