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Consists of an aluminium- or copperstrip which has been anodised on both sides; then in a world-wide unique air-to-air process, a system of three layers is applied using the physical vapour deposition technique (PVD). While an infrared reflecting layer ensures low thermal emission (ε), the metal oxide absorption- and antireflection layers ensure highest solar absorption (α) while offering resistance against outside agents.

For the first time, besides PVD coatings, selective lacquer is available for solar thermal applications. mirosol TS is a selective lacquer applied in a special developed process on aluminium. The selective lacquer is hydrophob and resistant to fingerprints.

  • 10 - year material warranty
  • selective coatings system ensures maximum absorption and lowest emission
  • all standard joining technologies can be used
  • protective film or paper interleaving available upon request
  • CO2 savings per sqm:
  • 100 kg/year compared to natural gas
  • 130 kg/year compared to heating oil
  • > 14 Mio sqm supplied and installed worldwide
  • more than 1.4 Mio tons CO2 savings annually
  • state-of-the-art continual in-line measurement processes guarantee maximum quality standards
  • environmentally friendly/emission-free manufacturing process 
  • low energy balance

  • flat plate collectors
  • air collectors
  • vacuum tube collectors

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