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- Acid Dilution Trough


The Acid Eddy Chemical Dilution Trough was designed to protect cooling tower basins from corrosive chemicals. The chemical dilution trough is raised on the inlet, creating a main current of water and chemicals downhill. As the acid/ water solution flows over a series of baffles, the barriers impede the current main flow, which creates multiple 'eddies'. These eddies then dilute the acid chemicals before it enters into the cooling tower basin. Once in the cooling tower, the diluted solution rapidly disperses throughout the basin. *IN STOCK!! *Available in PVC or CPVC material *Available in THREE sizes (Micro, Macro & MEGA) Benefits - -Drastically reduces chemical damage to cooling tower basin -Protects cooling tower sump pumps -Reduces downtime of tower for basin repair -More precise chemical control -Lower chemical costs by controlling chemical feed rate

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