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Acid Transport Tank



The Acid transport tank is designed to store acid or corrosive product, etc.. For oilfield use. It can be used for the safe transport and storage. The fill & discharge lines are easy accessible. Manhole is located at top for easy access. The interior is designed to allow a high resistance to corrosion; the tank is equipped with extra-thickness of steel or rubber lining or fiberglass coating which requires minimum maintenance. The acid transport tank is equipped with ladders, walkways, handrails, etc..

General Specifications

  • Design Code: ASME Sec VIII & IMDG code Edition 2004
  • Capacity: 1000 USG-5500 USG
  • Design Pressure: 60 PSIG
  • Working Temperature: -40 Deg C to 100 Deg C
  • Design Shape: Cylindrical
  • Material test & Lifting lug MPI certification: Yes
  • 100% Radiography & 100% Dye Penetrant test: Yes

Technical Specifications

  • The Acid transport tank is designed to store 32% concentrated acid or corrosive product etc..
  • The fill, vent & discharge lines are easily accessible
  • Fabricated manholes are located at top
  • External grit blasted to SA 2.5 & epoxy paint system
  • Certification:- IMDG/DNV (Whatever required & applicable)
  • Internal lining material-(Suitable to the stored content)
  • Hydro fill tested to suit design standard
  • Spark test report will be provided for internal lining
  • All steel welded construction from SA36/SA516 Gr 70 N/equivalent steel plates


  • Type: Horizontal/Vertical 
  • Internal lining as per clients choice 
  • Special design & equipment on request

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